Landmark Group announces an exclusive Shukran partnership with Careem

Sunday 25 March 2018
Jeddah - MENA Herald:

Shukran, Landmark Group’s largest loyalty programme, has partnered with Careem - the MENA, Turkey and Pakistan region’s leading ride-hailing app to offer passengers attractive incentives.

As part of the partnership, Careem travelers can link their accounts with Shukran rewards and earn 1.5 per cent back as Shukran points each time they travel with Careem. Shukran members will be able to earn double Shukran points redeemable for over a million products across 50 brands in the region until March 31st, 2018.

This partnership benefits members of Shukran as well as Careem, allowing the services to attract and retain its membership by providing great incentives.

Vipen Sethi, ‎Group Director and Board Member, ‎Landmark Group, said: “Bringing value to our customers remains our top priority. Shukran has become an integral part of our customer-centric business philosophy and we are excited to provide a unique experience to our members through this partnership.

Adib Samara, Head of Partnerships, Careem, said: “As a tech company, we’re always looking for innovative ways to use our knowledge of the region to deliver significant value to our customers and we hope to do the same through this partnership.”

Landmark Group’s partnership with Careem is the latest addition to its growing list of partners, further strengthening its proposition of offering endless possibilities to its members. Shukran has become a household name and a lifestyle brand offering rewards for more than just shopping. Together through this digitally driven partnership, member earnings improve twofold, through their Careem ride and shopping at their most favourite brands.

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