About MENA Herald

These are exciting times for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). In spite of the many obstacles that lie in its path, the Arab world is experiencing economic and social development of unprecedented proportions. Economic diversification, infrastructure development, technological advancement and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit are combining to deliver a wealth of opportunity, not only to the region’s young and aspiring population, but to investors across MENA and beyond.

It is against this backdrop that MENA Herald arrives on the scene as the latest addition to the ever-evolving digital media movement now gripping the region. Through insightful, timely and relevant content, we explore the myriad ways that governments, organizations and entrepreneurs are growing the regional economy and shaping it for life in an increasingly interconnected world.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, our finger is firmly on MENA’s pulse, enabling us to cover breaking regional and international news, daily, in both Arabic and English. Indeed, with an ambition befitting the region we call home, we aim to become the first portal to report headline news, not just via our website, but instantly through our dedicated bilingual Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Across all channels, MENA Herald provides accurate, real-time reporting on the latest corporate news and market trends across industries. Testament to the growing diversity of MENA’s economies, we offer vital coverage of 16 key sectors across the region.

Whether through social media platforms or our state-of-the-art website, MENA Herald inspires new ideas and helps the entrepreneurial, business and investment communities make well-informed decisions with the power to drive MENA’s economic growth into the future.