Anwar Gargash Closes Day 1 of the Mohamed Bin Zayed Majlis for Future Generations

Monday 08 October 2018
Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald:

Following a series of informative sessions held during the first day of the Mohammed Bin Zayed Majlis for Future Generations, His Excellency Dr. Anwar Mohamed Gargash addressed attendees during a final keynote address that highlighted the UAE’s most prominent achievements to date, and empowered the UAE’s future leaders to drive forward the country’s future progress.

Dr. Gargash opened his keynote speech by highlighting the UAE’s position as an economic force – now third in the world, and a testament to the country’s pursuits to enhance its breadth of knowledge and research. His Excellency points to the number of expat students in the UAE, who come in search of knowledge of the sciences, technology, and various forms of intellect. “A presence of different nationalities and disparities enhances this aspect,” said Dr. Gargash.

Dr. Gargash moves on to describe a need to build the UAE’s soft power influence with every accomplishment by expanding on the country’s successes. This, according to Dr. Gargash, is the essence of influence that does not involve coercion and has worked to promote the UAE’s development along the way.

“Other countries want to take part in our initiatives because of the soft power we have established, and because of our reputation, values, and trust in our own experiences.” Dr. Gargash offered examples, including Expo 2020, where new collaborations and partnerships that showcase new levels of human ingenuity, will be revealed. “Expo is a reflection of ambition and exerted effort to establish this ambition,” he stated.

Reinforcing a sense of pride among the Emirati youth in attendance, Dr. Gargash highlighted the UAE’s role in not only in the region, but in the world, noting that in the last five years, aid from the UAE has reached 115 billion AED. “This means your country is one of the most generous countries in the world,” he stressed. Highlighting results from the latest (2018) Arab Youth Survey, Dr. Gargash emphasized that when asked to select a country they would like to live in, participants selected UAE first and the USA second.

He then reminded students they have a responsibility to promote the UAE with solidarity – a responsibility to reinforce its positive image in front of the world, not only on December 2nd, but each and every day.

“Putting out a positive image involves your morals and demeanor. They are a reflection of the UAE, so remember to exercise humility and remain humble and tolerant towards others.”

Discussing the empowerment of women in the UAE – a development he calls the country’s greatest accomplishment to date – His Excellency paid homage to Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, the catalyst in driving this achievement. The choice to create and nurture a productive partner, he said, is a testament to the country’s great vision and leadership. In spite of its position as a conservative society, the UAE’s role in empowering women was done as a fundamental step toward challenging the stereotype in the Arab world that women are second-hand citizens.

Ending his keynote address, Dr. Gargash reminded students and attendees of the second Majlis for Future Generations of the importance of collaboration and competition. His Excellency highlights the importance that these progresses continue, emphasizing that if the UAE were to stop, it would miss opportunities to nurture its growth along the way.

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