Homaid Al Shimmari: Older generation’s job is not to achieve, but to facilitate creativity among the youth

Wednesday 10 October 2018
Homaid Al Shimmari, Mubadala’s Deputy Group CEO, and Chief Capital and Corporate Officer
Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald:

Mubadala’s Deputy Group CEO, and Chief Capital and Corporate Officer, Homaid Al Shimmari, has claimed the older generation must not stifle innovation and ideas from the next generation, but focus on facilitating their creativity.

Speaking exclusively at the Mohamed Bin Zayed Majlis for Future Generations on October 9, Al Shimmari said the balance between generations in the workplace is a dilemma worldwide, but it doesn’t scare him one bit.

“Part of my job is not to achieve, but to empower the next generation,” he said. “It’s a responsibility of us as leaders to keep engaging with the youth. We need to understand how they think, and how they perceive the country and culture. This helps people like me in business.”

Part of Al Shimmari’s role at Mubadala is focusing on Emiratization, and he is passionate about creating job opportunities that are more customized to young individuals in order to get the best out of them. “Once I understand them better, I can tailor-make my jobs, training, and systems to make sure they address their dreams, ambitions and aspirations.”

“They’re very ambitious, and as youngsters they have a lot of energy. It’s our job to listen to them, and make sure we channel that energy into something that’s productive and useful for the UAE,” he added.

With the UAE building a knowledge-based economy, Al Shimmari believes it’s important for the older generation to educate the youth on the available jobs and opportunities, as well as the skills and attributes they will need in order to succeed.

“We want to be able to satisfy the job requirements of the market as well as give the younger generation the guidance and information they need to be a part of it,” he said. “Building that connection is invaluable in my mind. That’s the wisdom of our leadership, from His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed, bless his soul.”

Emiratis are showcasing an incredible range of creative skills and ideas, accordingly to Al Shimmari, which is why he believes in developing a structure that manages this creativity, while also empowering them to contribute to the economy as well. “That’s our role as leadership, to provide that network of support, while adding value to the economy of the UAE – bridging that gap is our goal,” he said.

The key to being successful in this environment, he believes, is adaptability. Al Shimmari is no stranger to adaptability; having experienced a varied and ever-evolving career based on market needs and changes. This is where being humble and agile makes a difference, which was the main theme of his speaker session at the Majlis.

“We have jobs today that might not be here in 10 or 20 years – that’s the reality. You have to change. That’s what I’ve had to do throughout my career,” he said.

“My advice is very simple, my children, cousins, the crowd here today, all need to be able to adapt and learn, relearn and be humble. They will be facing challenges, and the biggest weapon they have in their hands is the ability to learn and improve throughout their careers.”


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