Nasdaq Dubai and Menacorp announce collaboration to raise capital markets investor awareness across MENA

Tuesday 19 February 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Nasdaq Dubai, the region’s international exchange, and Menacorp, one of the UAE’s leading brokerages, have announced they will collaborate to raise investor awareness across MENA of the expanding capital markets opportunities in the UAE and the region.

The campaign will include joint roadshows conducted by Nasdaq Dubai and Menacorp in GCC and other MENA countries as well as digital outreach to a wide range of institutions and individuals. Topics will include a particular focus on equity futures and include other asset classes such as equities, Sukuk, and conventional bonds.

Hamed Ali, Chief Executive of Nasdaq Dubai, said: “Our joint mission with Menacorp will publicise the expanding opportunities that are available in the UAE capital markets and beyond, both to investors that are already active and new potential investors including funds and individuals who have not yet participated. The UAE markets offer many attractive possibilities for increasing and preserving wealth that are available to investors based in MENA region countries and elsewhere.”

Fathi Ben Grira, Chief Executive of Menacorp said: “Our outreach will explain the various routes through which investors outside the UAE can gain easy access to trade the UAE markets, and how the products available here can be incorporated into various trading strategies. The UAE plays a leading role in the region in terms of the quality and diversity of its asset classes plus the trading infrastructure and regulation that underpin them.”

As well as equity markets that include some of the Middle East’s largest and most dynamic companies, investment opportunities in the UAE include Nasdaq Dubai’s rapidly growing equity futures market on UAE and Saudi shares, which enables investors to hedge their existing positions as well as make gains. The UAE is also a leader in Sukuk and conventional bond issuance and listing, including being the largest venue in the world for Sukuk listings by value.

The collaboration between Nasdaq Dubai and Menacorp will complement the activities of capital markets institutions and participants in other MENA countries and increase synergies across the region.

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