Emirates Islamic launches ‘Booster Wakala Deposits’ offering profit rates up to 2.57% p.a.

Wednesday 31 May 2017
Wasim Saifi, Deputy CEO - Consumer Banking and Wealth Management, Emirates Islamic

Dubai - MENA Herald: Emirates Islamic, one of the leading Islamic financial institutions in the UAE, today launched ‘Booster Wakala Deposit,’ offering higher expected profit rates up to 2.57% per annum. With this product, Emirates Islamic aims to provide its affluent customers with a Shari’a compliant market-leading Wakala deposit proposition that strengthens their savings portfolio.

Customers can open their Booster Wakala Deposit with a minimum balance of AED 100,000 and can expect profit rates annually ranging from 2.00% for one year; up to 2.57% for five years.

Commenting on the launch, Wasim Saifi, Deputy CEO - Consumer Banking and Wealth Management at Emirates Islamic, said: “Our Booster Wakala Deposit is a highly competitive and excellent savings proposition. With an agreed expected profit rate, our customers can plan their future needs in a safe and sound manner. We expect this campaign to be well-received by customers and encourage them to make the most of this opportunity. Going ahead, Emirates Islamic will continue launching solutions that offer market-leading returns on investments and savings to our customers.”

The Bank offers Booster Wakala Deposit where Bank will act as the ‘Wakeel’ for the investor (the ‘Muwakeel’) and manage the investment for a fixed tenure and profit rate, with profits being shared with the customer on an annual basis.

Earlier this month, Emirates Islamic announced increased profit rates on its Investment Term Deposits for the first quarter of 2017, reflecting the bank’s strong financial performance in the early part of this year and its commitment to sharing this success with its customers. The bank has also received significant recognition for its mass segment savings products, recently winning The Banker Middle East’s ‘Best Savings Account’ award for its flagship Emirates Islamic Kunooz Savings Account, which encourages customers to save and rewards them significantly with monthly grand and daily prizes worth over AED 12 million a year.

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