Borouge petrochemical introduces its latest industry solutions at Chinaplas 2016

Sunday 01 May 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Borouge, a leading petrochemical company that provides innovative, value creating plastics solutions, reinforces its position as the plastics industry’s provider of choice at Chinaplas 2016, Asia’s largest plastics trade fair, held at Shanghai, China, from 25–28 April 2016.
Introducing tomorrow’s solutions
Visitors to Borouge booth have learned about the Company’s newest creative plastics solutions that demonstrate Borouge’s commitment to support the Chinese polyolefin industry and fortify its continuous efforts to grow and keep developing new creative solutions that add value to its customers as well as to society.

“The world today faces huge global challenges around carbon emissions, food, drinking water and sanitation. Borouge’s role is to provide specialised solutions that allow plastics to play a positive role in addressing these challenges. We achieve this through deep engagement in our focus industries which include packaging, infrastructure, energy, mobility, healthcare, and agriculture. We engage the value chain of each industry across our territory, seeking to develop differentiated solutions that address the problems that matter most. This strategy has created excellent innovation stories in China, which we are proud to share at Chinaplas,” said Wim Roels, Chief Executive Officer of Borouge Pte Ltd.
Vincent Ong, Borouge’s Senior Vice President of Asia North, said that China continues to be a key strategic market for Borouge, as the Company continues to enhance its presence in the market. “In the face of slowing growth in China, we are focused on creating more value for our customers. We continue to improve our regional operations, expand our logistic networks to ensure security of supply as we continuously invest in production capacity and innovation capabilities; all in the aim of building customer confidence.”
Chinese producers of housewares can now look forward to Borouge’s latest edition of RG568MO, the first random polypropylene solution to provide clarity when used as a packaging material. The Chinese quality infrastructure producers also have long respected Borouge’s polyethylene pipe solutions for their proven durability and safety. The latest additions arrive at Chinaplas: BorSafe™ ME3441, a pre-compounded yellow PE80, and BorSafe™HE3492-LS-H, a pre-compounded orange PE100. These high stress-crack resistant compounds meet or exceed international standards for gas applications, and are suitable for complex gas pipe installations in rugged conditions.

Borouge’s mobility customers in China also favour Borouge’s FibremodTM range of solutions which help them make vehicle components lighter, contributing to a reduction in carbon footprint. The portfolio expands this year with Fibremod Carbon PP, a carbon fibre reinforced polypropylene which is suitable for a wide range of mobility applications, making parts lighter, stronger and better able to withstand impacts than alternative materials.
Committed to China
Borouge inaugurated its first Compounding Manufacturing Plant facility outside of the UAE back in 2010. Located in Fengxian, Shanghai, this facility has increased its annual production capacity of compounded resins from 50,000 tonnes to 90,000 tonnes mainly for the automotive market at the end of 2015, with the addition of two new production lines.
Earlier this year, Borouge commenced operations at its Application Centre in Pudong New Area. Occupying three floors, and well-equipped with advanced R&D infrastructure, the Centre reinforces Borouge’s R&D capabilities. More importantly, it allows greater collaboration with customers to deliver next-generation solutions for both automotive and non-automotive applications.

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