Royal Jordanian to stop operations of Royal Wings at the end of this month, offers flexible solutions to its employees

Tuesday 13 November 2018
Amman - MENA Herald:

Royal Jordanian confirmed that its board of directors and Royal Wings’ board of directors took the decision to stop Royal Wings operations, which is an RJ-owned charter company, on Nov. 30, 2018.

The move was taken as a result of the high operating costs, and the subsequent losses incurred by Royal Wings over the past years. The task of promoting and selling the charter flights that used to be carried out by Royal Wing will now fall on Royal Jordanian's Commercial Department.

 Negotiations are going on at this stage between RJ and two parties interested in buying Royal Wings; the process may take some time.

As for the employees working at Royal Wings, 12 of them, who had been seconded from Royal Jordanian to Royal Wings, will return to work for RJ.

The other 95 Royal Wings employees were offered several flexible options for their future benefit; after interviewing a number of them, 18 have been accepted to work for RJ so far, as they met RJ’s job requirements, while the process of interviewing is still ongoing to give the opportunity to the remaining staff members to undergo RJ exams and interviews. Those who don’t pass the exams and interviews are offered the option of voluntary release from service.

The voluntary release option is also available to all Royal Wings employees. Under the terms of the release, the staff is given a half-month salary for each year of service, based on the employee's most recent gross salary, as per the terms and conditions of the collective contract signed recently by Royal Wings and the General Union of Air Transport and Tourism.

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