RJ sponsors 60 families for an entire year, in collaboration with Tkiyet Um Ali

Wednesday 08 May 2019
Amman - MENA Herald:

Royal Jordanian renewed its partnership agreement with Tkiyet Um Ali Charity organization, whereby RJ sponsors 60 families from among Tkiyet Um Ali beneficiaries all year round, providing monthly food parcels to these families located in different parts of the kingdom.

Ever since its establishment, in display of social responsibility, Royal Jordanian has been implementing various charity programs; it executes a yearly campaign during the Holy month of Ramadan, which it continues to carry out throughout the year, providing various services to the local community and poverty pockets in the Kingdom.

May 5 was the first day of the renewed program carried out with Tkiyet Um Ali this Ramadan season; several RJ employees participated in preparing food parcels in Tkiyet Um Ali warehouses, in Qastal, near the airport. RJ employees will also participate in distributing the parcels to some underprivileged families from Madaba Governorate. Each parcel contains 24 food items that help a family get its nutritional requirements for one month.

According to the agreement, RJ will also sponsor one day of “Mawaed Al Rahman” iftar banquets, which Tkiyet Um Ali holds every Ramadan. This time, some 2,000 individuals are expected to attend the iftar on the charity premises in Al Mahatta area/Amman. RJ volunteers will serve iftar meals to these beneficiaries.

RJ will also carry out several charitable activities in this holy month in cooperation with other charitable organizations, including hosting orphaned children for iftars and presenting Eid clothing to them.

President/CEO Stefan Pichler expressed satisfaction with Royal Jordanian's partnership with Tkiyet Um Ali, which enjoys a great reputation and is known for its goal of fighting hunger in the kingdom.

He stressed Royal Jordanian's belief in the need to interact with the local community as part of the company's duty as the national carrier and its social responsibility toward the underprivileged.

Tkiyet Um Ali Director General Samer Balkar thanked Royal Jordanian for its cooperation with Tkiyet Um Ali and the airline’s support for the programs and activities of the charity organization.

He said that Tkiyet Um Ali believes it is important to partner with private sector institutions to achieve its vision of a hunger-free Jordan. This is displayed in the social responsibility role of these national organizations.

Tkiyet Um Ali successfully maintains its continuity and sustainability of its feeding programs, with the number of beneficiary households reaching 40,000 families living below the poverty line in all areas of the kingdom, counting 200,000 individuals.  

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