NBK Celebrates Gergean with children at NBK Hospital

Thursday 30 May 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) visited NBK Children’s Hospital to celebrate with the children the happy moments of Gergean. NBK employees spent the day with the children and organized a traditional Gergean celebration event, touring the sick children’s hospital rooms, playing traditional Gergean music and handing out ice cream and treats.  

This initiative reflects NBK's commitment towards children. It is a tradition that NBK is keen on maintaining every year at its specialized hospitals, especially that witnessing the joyous reactions reflected on the children’s cheerful faces is priceless.

Gergean celebration is part of NBK’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, specifically designed for NBK Specialty Hospital and Stem Cell Therapy Unit, as part of a wide range of activities and events.

Children at NBK Hospital expressed their happiness to be part of the Gergean event and NBK visit, which reflects the Bank’s keenness to participate in various social and humanitarian activities, in the spirit of reaching out, sharing and communicating with the children in particular and all other segments of the society in general.

NBK Children’s Hospital stands as a landmark for the bank's social initiatives towards children. NBK expanded the hospital’s capacity and recently opened the Stem Cell Therapy Unit for children, further expanding its hospital’s ability to treat children with cancer and blood diseases.

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