Careem Celebrates its Captains by Launching a Series of Motivational Initiatives

Tuesday 20 March 2018
Amman - MENA Herald:

Careem, the leading ride-hailing service in the Middle East and North Africa, launched a series of motivational initiatives aiming to celebrate the achievements of its distinguished Captains in Amman, Irbid, and Zarqa. The initiatives included a series of diverse and non-traditional activities aimed at enriching the Captains’ experience and increasing their motivation. The initiatives recognize the Captains as company’s most important pillars, which have no doubt contributed to Careem’s success in the Kingdom.

The series of activities included an award ceremony by Careem, where top Captains of 2017 in Amman, Zarqa, and Irbid were honored, based on number of rides completed, availability time, and level of service provided to customers.

As part of the initiative, Careem held the "Thursday Awards Festivals" to honor its Captains every week and award them based on the results in the in-app evaluation system. Top-rated Captains were awarded several valuable prizes including gold dinars, smartphones, and other electronics, as well as vacation days paid by Careem.

In addition to these festivities, Careem has worked to identify the needs and preferences of its Captains through its personalized feedback program on social media. The company launched several campaigns on its Facebook page with the caption "Tell us, Captain," where Captains are asked about their favorite and most frequently visited local restaurants, cafes, and gas stations. Captains are then given a gift based on their recommendation. Prizes have ranged from free coffee to an all-expense paid trip to Umrah.

As part of a strategic partnership with NASCO, Careem launched a free inspection campaign, encouraging Captains to take vehicle inspection and maintenance seriously to provide a safer riding experience for both themselves and Careem’s customers. To reduce the burden on its Captains under the prevailing economic conditions, discounts on certain maintenance work and parts were offered. Also, in partnership with Al Manaseer Oil and Gas Company, Careem implemented the "Spin the Wheel" campaign, which enabled Captains to enter a raffle drawing by filling their vehicle at Al Manaseer petrol stations.

Commenting on the initiatives, Ibrahim Manna, Managing Director for Emerging Markets at Careem, said: "We are proud to launch these initiatives, which emphasize our commitment and determination to continue offering the highest standards for not only Careem’s users, but also its Captains. Our Captains are the backbone of our operations and providing the best service possible means happy Captains are behind the wheel. By offering a rewarding work environment, we hope to empower our Captains in Jordan, making them happy ambassadors of Careem. In addition, our flexible, safe, and convenient services ensure customer loyalty and help maintain our leading position in the Kingdom.”

Manna concluded, "We are eager to invite more Captains to join our rigorous training program and become part of our platform, helping to expand Careem’s reach.”

These initiatives are part of Careem's many campaigns and programs designed to enrich its Captains’ experience.

Anyone can join Careem’s Captains team by applying online at Selected individuals meeting the required recruitment criteria will receive full training to be able to secure income for themselves and their families.

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