Careem Bus launches in Egypt - Saudi and Pakistan to follow

Tuesday 04 December 2018
Cairo - MENA Herald:

Careem has launched its new service, Careem Bus, with Cairo as the first city of operations.

The mid-priced bus service is aimed at commuters and the launch comes as part of Careem’s commitment to solving transportation issues, improving mobility and creating jobs.

Careem Bus is a separate app from the ride hailing product and is available for download on iOS and Android. Customers are able to choose the pick up and drop off location after which they will have the option of picking the bus that best suits their time. They will also be able to track the bus as it arrives, the same as when ordering a Careem car, and fares will be fixed at a set rate which is 60-70 percent cheaper than the Careem car service.

The fleet of busses are air conditioned and trips are booked through an app ensuring that every user is guaranteed a seat. The service is currently cash only, but soon passengers will be able to pay via the Careem wallet on the app.

Hadeer Shalaby, Director of Careem Bus, said, “Customers now expect the same high-tech experience across all products and services they engage with - why shouldn’t taking a bus be as seamless as ride hailing a car? Research conducted by Careem revealed 40 percent of the Egyptian population is not being adequately served by a transportation service that suits their needs and the situation was getting worse.

“Careem Bus will revolutionise mass transportation allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of our tech as well as reducing traffic in cities as mass shared-mobility could lead to an 80 percent reduction in the number of vehicles and CO2 emissions by 2050.”

Greater Cairo, now a megalopolis, is home to 22.9 million people and is projected to contain 40 million by 2050. A report from the World Bank estimates the annual costs of the congestion in Cairo to be up to $8 billion with around 50 hours per person every month spent in traffic and 60 percent of trips only having one passenger per vehicle.

Careem’s CEO and co-founder Mudassir Sheikha added, “The launch of Careem Bus means that transport options and mobility has just improved for millions of people, as well as decreasing congestion and pollution in the city. Cairo is just the start. Creem’s move into mass transportation will have a huge and positive impact across the region.”

The service will initially start out with 13-seater air conditioned busses, with bus stops to be marked at city landmarks. Based on the feedback of customers, the service will look to improve and add to its offerings to provide the easiest possible transport and mobility options for people in the city.

Careem plans to expand the service to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan in the near future.


5th settlement - Maadi
AUC Gate 5, FUE, Concord Plaza, Intersection 90 Street with Naguib Access, Tolip Plaza, Siemens, Dusit Thani, Before Mountain View Square, Air Force Specialized Hospital, Nestle Egypt (Banks Center), Downtown, Cairo Festival City, Mountain View Square, Talaat Harb Axis, Fatma El Sharbatly Mosque, Total Gas Station Near Fatma El Sharbatly, Mostafa Baghdady Square, Masjid Al Hamd, CO-OP Gas Station, New Cairo's Government Office, Katameya Heights, Total Gas Station - El Nasr Road, Total Gas, Station - El Nasr Street, Maadi Smart Village, El Nadi Street, Victoria Square, Port Saeed Square, Al Horia, Square, Total Gas Station - Helwan Road, Platform Maadi, HSBC Corniche El Maadi

Maadi – 5th settlement

HSBC Corniche El Maadi, Platform Maadi, Total Gas Station - Helwan Road, Al Horia, Square, Port Saeed Square, Victoria Square, El Nadi Street, Maadi Smart Village, Total Gas Station - El Nasr Street, Katameya Heights, New Cairo's Government Office, CO-OP Gas Station, Masjid Al Hamd, Mostafa Baghdady Square, Total Gas Station Near Fatma El Sharbatly, , Fatma El Sharbatly Mosque, Talaat Harb Axis, Mountain View Square, Cairo Festival City, Downtown, Nestle Egypt (Banks Center), Air Force Specialized Hospital, Before Mountain View Square, Dusit Thani, Siemens, Tolip Plaza, Intersection 90 Street with Naguib Access, Concord Plaza, FUE, AUC Gate 5

Mohandesein - 6th of October
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6th of October – Mohandesein

El Tahrir Square, El Tahrir Cinema, National Research Center, Shooting Club, Mostafa Mahmoud Square, Gamaet Al Dowal Street, Lebanon Square, Hyper One Market, 26th of July Corridor - Ceramica Cleopatra, Sheikh Zayed Statue, Galleria 40, Mobil Gas Station - 26th of July Corridor, Nile University, Juhayna Square, Mall of Arabia, Dar El Fouad Hospital, West Somid, Dolphin Mall, Al Hosary Mosque, Al Mehwar Al Markazi, Cityscape

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