du’s Yasir Albehzad flies the UAE flag at the peak of Europe and Russia’s highest summit

Thursday 28 July 2016
Yasir Albehzad

Dubai - MENA Herald: du employee, Yasir Albehzad, scaled Mount Elbrus – the highest summit in Europe and Russia – to fly the flag of his beloved UAE in a demonstration of national pride. Yasir, a Senior Director in the Network Development department at du, had the support of his entire team and company during his climb, which was an achievement of his personal dream, one he considers a great success towards the ultimate goal of climbing the 7 summits of each continent.
Sending a message during his descent from a climb riddled with massive storms, Yasir shared an inspirational thought, “Life requires a lot of planning, adaptation, risks, operations and commitments. The workplace is the same and mountains are a great example of these points, but harder physically and mentally. Summiting mountains gives me a great energy to understand problems, plan, face challenges and fix them. This is what I have learnt from the mountains that has helped me throughout my career in du.”
“When we commit to such expeditions, all the weight we carry is calculated – safety and mountaineering gear was filling the bag, but my favourite piece in the bag was my UAE flag, and I proudly carried it all the way to the peak, it keeps me going” Yasir added.
“We believe in nurturing our employees and inspiring them to achieve personal goals in tandem with career ones. I can say with pride that everyone at du was behind Yasir every step of the way, and we were honoured to have been represented at the summit of one of the world’s highest peaks,” said Ibrahim Nassir, Chief Human Capital and Administration Officer, du. “Our aim at du is to inspire our employees to be the best that they can be. High employee engagement leads to a dedicated workforce, which in turn leads to better customer service levels, and better business acuity.”

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