Uber and du join forces to reduce stress and increase productivity in urban mobility drive

Wednesday 24 July 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

To highlight its vision for the future of urban mobility and to underscore its commitment to a sustainable future, Uber recently partnered with telecom service provider du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), to demonstrate how consumers can reduce their stress and increase productivity by exploring alternative modes of transport. As part of the initiative, the technology company challenged a number of du employees to swap their personal cars and instead use Uber for a month. Survey results offer an insightful peek into the benefits this change can bring to people’s daily routines.

Unsurprisingly, over 66% of respondents said their regular daily commute to work was quite stressful – parking and traffic topping the list of woes. After ditching personal vehicles, stress levels plummeted to a more optimistic 11.8%.

“Ditching my car for an Uber for a whole month was so helpful. Sometimes getting a parking space at the office can take a while, so having the luxury to be dropped off right outside the building was a huge benefit. I also enjoyed some downtime to and from work every day - I felt more relaxed going home to my family,” said one of the participants.

In fact, almost half (47%) of participants said they felt “no stress whatsoever” in an Uber as opposed to a mere 6% when driving their own vehicle. “I don’t have to worry about things like parking, fines, re-fueling, registration, insurance or even car depreciation if I’m using an Uber,” said one du employee.

The challenge also threw up interesting insights on productivity levels. Over 82% people that engaged with the program found ways to work smarter by making the most of their daily commute in an Uber, stressing that there was more time to plan the day, make notes, check emails, and make important phone calls. For some, it even meant getting that much needed morning shut-eye, playing games, or soaking in the scenery, highlighting how a simple change in lifestyle could mean better overall well-being.

“For Uber, sustainable transport solutions are an important area of focus and we are working continuously to find new mobility options to support the cities we’re in. Through this campaign with du we sought to tangibly demonstrate the benefits of moving away from car ownership and exploring other means of transport, such as public transport and affordable options on the Uber platform” said Abdellatif Waked, General Manager of Uber Middle East and North Africa.

At a macro level, the initiative also highlighted how Uber can be an alternative to company cars and part of the solution to congestion, parking, and pollution. By ditching company cars for Ubers, employees were able to reduce their carbon footprint through the brand’s Uber for Business solution, which offers organizations a convenient way to transport their clients, customers and employees, without the need for them to drive.

According to the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018 , the total number of registered vehicles in the UAE was nearly 3.4 million, with cars and light vehicles making up the largest chunk of the figure, thereby exacerbating the issues of congestion, carbon emissions and parking spaces. 

“The urban mobility initiative by Uber clearly showcases the benefits of moving away from car ownership. It is paramount that we seek alternative modes of transport as we move towards Dubai’s Vision 2021. Uber was the perfect partner for this campaign because not only did this solution provide affordable transport that contributes to reducing our carbon footprint, it also enhances employee well-being with the reduced stress of finding a parking spot – it’s a win-win,” commented Amr Eldesouky, Executive Vice President - Consumer Services, du.

Traffic information supplier, Inrix has also reported that Dubai is the most congested city in the UAE and the 79th most congested in the world. Seeking alternative modes of transport will help alleviate the problem, and Uber’s partnership with du is just one example of how the brand is constantly seeking new ways to contribute towards the vision of a more sustainable future mobility in Dubai and beyond.

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