AMSI schools build a culture of sports and active lifestyle

Monday 01 August 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: In a bid to champion a healthy lifestyle and lay the platform for budding sportsmen, Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI) – which manages Al Mawakeb Schools and International School of Arts & Sciences (ISAS) – has participated in and organized a suite of sporting activities.
In addition to training one’s physical strength, AMSI schools believe that sports plays a key role in overall academic and personal development. According to AMSI’s expert physical training coaches, sports bridges the gap in understanding amongst students, imparts lessons in sportsmanship and perseverance, boosts the attitude of cohesion, and is the much-needed fun on a stressful day.
AMSI schools have taken concerted steps in committing to sports with structural provisions within the premises, including mandatory two periods of sports per week, and sports activities during the breaks. The result, according to school authorities, have transcended physical well-being, with episodic bullying amongst students exhibiting a noticeable decline.
The various sports activities organized at AMSI schools include: Interschool and interclasses championships for basketball, football, and volleyball; student-teacher interactions through sports and games; and inter-class football tournaments themed around international titles such as Champions League and Euro Cup amongst others. The students also participated in major sports events like the American University in Dubai Sports Day, American University of Sharjah Sharakah Sports Day, and the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Future Champions League.
The schools also supported the UAE National Sports Day – celebrated on November 25th - by participating in various activities, and imparting the significance of fitness amongst students in and outside the school premises. The activities included a mini marathon for Grade 3 & 4 at Al Barsha Park, Zumba Fitness workshops, and volleyball, basketball and soccer matches where students competed with teachers and alumni.
The pledge of AMSI schools to build a robust platform of sports and fitness activities is part of its ongoing efforts to encourage students to live a well-rounded lifestyle, marked by academic excellence, physical strength, and sportsmanship.

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