Arts Studies Nurture Creative and Critical Thinking at ISAS

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: As part of its efforts to supplement academic concepts with creative and critical thinking, International School of Arts and Sciences (ISAS), managed by academic solutions provider Academia Management Solutions International (AMSI), implements a suite of programs dedicated to arts for its students. The learned faculty members and academic officers’ work from a position of deep expertise, creating programs that translate into supporting academic achievement, social and emotional development, and civic engagement.
Respecting its 57-nationalities strong student base, the ISAS Art curriculum is based on California Curriculum Standards, offering art training that emphasizes experimentation and encourages students to draw from many disciplines in their creative endeavors. Starting early in grade 6, the students use their knowledge of the elements and principles of design in solving artistic problems and in analyzing works of art. This sets a foundation for critical analysis and understanding of contemporary art.
The school recently stepped up its efforts in delivering quality art education, incorporating the ‘AP Studio Art’ program - an intensive course intended for students who are interested in study of art. Under this rigorous program, students are required a design a portfolio that demonstrates mastery in concept, composition, and execution of 2-D design artwork.
As the pedagogies of learning and teaching alike evolve across the globe, ISAS facilitates a meaningful engagement for its students through artistic activities, and empower them by enhancing creative and lateral thinking. The development of arts studies at ISAS is also in line with UAE Vision 2021 – fostering an economy based on knowledge, and creating the foundations for a portfolio that demonstrates mastery in concept, composition, and execution of compelling story-telling through artwork.

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