TikTok’s #TikTokTravel Campaign is a resounding success

Monday 01 July 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

TikTok’s #TikTokTravel global campaign has concluded with an overwhelming response from users across the region and globally. The world’s leading short-form video platform launched the initiative to encourage travelers to creatively capture and share their travel moments. Over the course of the campaign, #TikTokTravel garnered a massive 1 billion views globally and over 54 million views for the local #ThisIsDubai challenge, which was organized in partnership with Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

With #TikTokTravel, users discovered and experienced the world's destinations through TikTok. And with easy-to-use video capturing and editing tools, they created engaging content with ease directly from their smartphones. The #TikTokTravel campaign was aimed at giving content creators a way to express themselves while travelling around the world. 

Kawther Al Khalili, Head of Content and Partnerships, TikTok MENA, said: “The #TikTokTravel campaign ran across 100 countries, with the aim to inspire creativity while encouraging millions of our users to capture the magical moments of their travels. However, it was not merely about travel, it was about driving inclusivity and bringing to life the deeper meaning behind each destination. The remarkable success of the campaign is proof that we have achieved something positive; something that makes us look at the world around us in a different light.”

In line with TikTok’s travel initiative, it has also partnered with The Dubai Mall, a favorite destination for tourists, to launch an in-app challenge celebrating the “Summer Surprise” shopping festival which is currently ongoing. TikTok also recently revealed an interactive booth at The Dubai Mall, where it is showcasing  the interactive features of the app, as well as giving the public an opportunity to interact with some of the most popular content creators on the platform. 

The #TikTokTravel campaign brought together the best of TikTok — it featured a global in-app challenge, a theme song "Summer" incubated from "TikTok Spotlight", an innovative musician program to discover and support independent and unsigned artists, as well as a new product feature, an easy-to-use "Photo Template" tool that allows users to stitch together still images into a rolling video.

The global in-app challenge concluded on June 30th, and creators who participated by uploading videos to the hashtag stood a chance at winning attractive prizes. Across the region, several popular content creators such as @samarhelmy1 and @doujana produced original videos that have garnered thousands of views and likes. 

Available in 150 countries and 75 languages, TikTok has been recognized worldwide as a promising platform to share travel content. In fact, tourism boards from cities and countries around the world, including Los Angeles, Seoul, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia joined TikTok during the global #TikTokTravel campaign period, with a select few, along with Dubai, launching in-app activities including: #ThisisJapan, #VisitSeoul, #HelloDanang, #ColorfulMedan and #ExperiencePenang.

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