NBK Sponsors “Iftar Cannon Program” At Naif Palace

Sunday 12 May 2019
Kuwait City - MENA Herald:

National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) serves daily Iftar meals at Naif Palace throughout the holy month of Ramadan, where fasting guests attend the firing of the Iftar cannon, in line with NBK’s sponsorship of the "Iftar Cannon" program hosted on Kuwait TV for the fourth consecutive year. This initiative is part of NBK’s annual Ramadan program "Do Good Deeds in Ramadan".

Sponsoring the “Iftar Cannon” program includes the distribution of valuable cash prizes to Naif Palace guests who visit to attend the daily Iftar Cannon Program aired life on TV.

“NBK maintains its commitment towards this initiative for the fourth consecutive year. The Bank employees volunteer every day at Naif Place to distribute meals to fasting people. We also present rewards and cash prizes for participants engaging in the daily competition program offered by Kuwait TV.” NBK Public Relations Team Leader, Talal Al-Turki said.

Al-Turki pointed out that “Do Good Deeds in Ramadan” initiative is an integral part of the sustainability program aimed at providing the necessary support to foster better living, education and health as the main pillars of social development and prosperity.

He also added that NBK provides Ifatr meals every year through NBK Ramadan Tent, field visits to mosques and meal distribution in densely populated areas, in order to stay closer to the community and closely fulfill the needs of various groups as part of the Bank’s commitment to its CSR mandate. 

NBK Ramadan Program is a key part of the Bank's commitment to serve the community. This campaign translates the NBK’s social and humanitarian message and emphasizes its commitment to the community. NBK has affirmed its leadership position in corporate social responsibility as it always embraces and fosters a consistent approach in that domain.

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