RAKEZ Group CEO Serves Clients at Al Hamra Service Centre

Monday 02 April 2018
Ras Al Khaimah - MENA Herald:

Ramy Jallad, Group CEO of Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ), joined RAKEZ Service Centre – Al Hamra’s frontline team to gain first-hand experience of the day-to-day life at the economic zone’s customer service counters in order to serve customers and support the frontline team.

Jallad spent an entire day with the frontline team, serving clients and further empowering the frontline officers to better serve clients. “Creating an effortless customer experience is the culture of RAKEZ; but we can’t possibly do that without having a proper game plan. The valuable interactions I had with our clients were all very significant for me because it is only through their experiences and suggestions that we can deliver the best customer experience and customise solutions for them,” Jallad said.

Since its launch, RAKEZ has adopted a culture where customers come first, showing its commitment to becoming a client-centric organisation. Jallad added that the economic zone promotes “a family-like atmosphere wherein clients know that we are always available for them. They can get our support anytime through various channels and we will always do our best to offer them a seamless business journey.”

The Group CEO praised the team at RAKEZ Service Centre saying, “Spending time with our talented and knowledgeable employees is important to me. Having seen how informed they are, how brilliantly they just get on and do the job – well, it makes me very proud. Our service centre is full of experts with real confidence. Now, I can say with ease that RAKEZ Service Centre has truly become a one-stop-shop.”

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