Universal American School holds graduation ceremony for academic year 2018/2019

Wednesday 22 May 2019
Kuwait City - MENA Herald:

The Universal American School’s Class of 2019 attended their graduation ceremony at the Regency Hotel, on May 16, 2019. Robed in ceremonial blue, happy seniors marched up the catwalk to the stately strains of the UAS band. Proud parents and teachers admired their charges at this formal milestone in their young lives.  Inspiring speeches were given by the guest speaker, Mrs. Shaikha Al Bahar, NBK’s Deputy GCEO.

The Valedictorian, Abdulwahab AlMutawa and the Salutatorian, Moustafa Alrefaei Well-deserved awards were presented to a gratifying number of seniors.  

In her speech, Ms. Shaikha Al Bahar highlighted her believe in graduate students distinguished capabilities and the great potential they have to carry the torch and lead the way towards  Kuwait’s future development, blessed with the help and support of well-established corporations that have the capability to invest in their promising future and provide them with adequate career opportunities.

Al Bahar expressed her pleasure to be among this unique gathering. She congratulated all students on their graduation and confirmed that the long road to success is paved with numerus challenges as they will forge ahead to reach the top which requires dedication, diligence and perseverance.

“We at NBK attach great importance to supporting students and all their educational and training activities to further boost their enlightening experience. We take to heart all the needs required to achieve and attain their goals, which ultimately support the development and progress of our beloved country, Kuwait”. Al Bahr Said.

Al Bahar added “In line with our CSR initiatives and our focused commitment on the educational sector, the main force driving development in today’s societies, we welcome undergrads and graduates from schools and universities throughout the year to visit us at NBK. We organize site visits to introduce them to our environment, familiarize them with the banking industry and open the door for prospective future engagement within this vital sector that plays an essential role in our economy”.

Al Bahar highlighted that NBK striving to give the utmost priority to youth to guarantee achieving a prosperous future. Confirmed that it is NBK national duty to invest in their future, therefore, the bank offer a wide range of specialized activities aimed at developing national capital resources seeking a brighter future.

Al Bahar emphasized that Kuwait needs the student’s energies, minds and creativity to achieve the goals of Vision 2035, the aim of which is to develop the country into a cultural center, a financial hub, a world‐leading manufacturer of petrochemicals, a focal point for foreign investment, and a place for knowledge transfer in renewable energy and IT by 2035.

Al Bahar advices the students to focus on absorbing as much knowledge as possible and be passionate about attaining more education. Especially with what major changes labor market is facing in the midst of a fourth industrial revolution. That would require innovators and highly talented individuals to fulfill such unique positions. Therefore, they need to wisely choose non-traditional disciplines that cater to the technological revolution we are currently experiencing.

She referred in the speech to recent report issued by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and the World Economic Forum estimates that adapting currently demonstrated technology has the technical potential to automate roughly 50% of the world’s current work activities, thus leading to the layoff of the human element. Technological development over the next 10 years will affect about 800 million people, forcing as many as 375 million individuals to change their careers and learn new skills in order to cope with this dramatic change.

Al Bahar advised the students to carefully plan and choose between the various areas where they can excel and demonstrate their creativity and innovation in their prospective career.

“There are truly no limits to achieving your dreams unleash your creative energies, you are the hope and the future of this country. Through your success, we look forward to a brighter future for our beloved country Kuwait”. Al Bahar said

Al Bahar concluded her speech confirmed that it is time for parents to teach young people early on that our diversity is strength and they should accept different opinions, different cultures, different religions, and different nationalities.

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