Etisalat launches region’s first unlimited data and voice roaming starting as low as AED35 for business customers traveling globally

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: Etisalat announced the launch of its new Global business roaming packages, offering incoming voice as well as data for its frequent international business travellers across 90 countries and over 180 operators. The roaming packages are the first of its kind, offering unlimited roaming add-ons for business travellers and providing them with the flexibility to choose from daily or monthly options with their existing Etisalat business mobile plans.

Etisalat’s new Global business roaming packages tap into the demand from business customers in the UAE for higher incoming voice allowances, followed by affordable access to more data and lesser worry when it comes to data usage while traveling abroad.

The new launch includes Etisalat’s Global business roaming packages, especially the unlimited global data roaming package, which starts from as low as AED35 and unlimited voice roaming packages for as low as AED95. These packages are an extension of Etisalat’s existing competitive roaming offers such as GCC unlimited Data roaming package.

Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer, Etisalat, said, “We recognise the international global reach of UAE-based businesses and will therefore, continue to respond to the growing demand for wider, innovative and cost effective business roaming options for our customers. Etisalat’s portfolio of business roaming packages and coverage is currently the widest in the country providing seamless connectivity to empower the UAE businesses to engage confidently with the world.”

In addition to the unlimited roaming packages, Etisalat offers attractive allowance-based packages to meet customers’ varying travelling needs. These include 100 incoming voice minutes for AED 15/day, 1 GB data for AED 250/month and 3GB data for AED 400/month.

All packages are available either on a daily or monthly recurring basis. Validity of the daily packages starts from customers’ first usage abroad, which allows users to pre-book and reserve the packages before commencing travel at no charge. The packages will be auto renewed only on travellers’ subsequent usage, saving customers the hassle of having to re-subscribe each time they want to receive calls or use mobile data while roaming.

An additional built-in feature of the service facilitates a lock on roaming service on Etisalat’s preferred partners. It helps avoid bill-shocks for customers by restricting customer’s data usage on to non-preferred operators accidentally. Business customers can subscribe to the voice or data roaming packages collectively or separately, based on their usage need. For better control over roaming spends, Etisalat roaming packages offer customers the facility to track international data usage and minutes during their travel by accessing Etisalat’s mobile roaming landing page (for FREE) or instantly via SMS .

Business customers can choose any of Etisalat’s new Global business roaming packages to have full control of their business communications and to connect to the world beyond business. More information on the packages and new add-ons is available on Etisalat UAE | Global Roaming

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