YBA Kanoo Awards Avaya Technology Transformation Contract

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Jeddah - MENA Herald: Bahrain based Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo (YBA Kanoo), one of the largest independent, family-owned businesses in the Gulf region, has today announced awarding a flagship networking and wireless project contract to Avaya, a leader in business communications solutions. Under the contract, Avaya will deploy its networking and wireless technologies to connect the group’s 60 branches across the GCC (Gulf Council Countries), providing the group with superior customer and team experiences while building operational efficiencies across the group’s stores and offices in the GCC.

Scheduled for completion in June 2016, YBA Kanoo customers and employees will enjoy the secure, fast and seamless wireless roaming experience in all of the group’s outlets and offices, while enabling the management of the group to quickly and easily roll out customer and employees specific applications that enhance productivity and the experience of the group’s customers.

“At YBA Kanoo, staff mobility is a fundamental business requirement considering the diverse nature of our lines of businesses across many geographies. We firmly believe that wireless access will enhance the collaboration between our teams while increasing their efficiency and productivity. Having access to internal company resources wherever our sales and operations teams are would also greatly improve the customer satisfaction through faster response time,” commented Jameel Al-Sharaf, Head of Group IT at YBA Kanoo.

With the centralized wireless network management, network administrators at YBA Kanoo will be able to differentiate enterprise users from guests, with full network visibility and control all the way to individual user level. The network is managed on a private cloud, and allows for centralized licensing management, which will help YBA Kanoo to cut OPEX by an estimated 30%.

The group’s head office in Bahrain will also be running on Avaya networking technology, running Avaya applications such as voice and video conferencing solutions. “Continuing the drive towards higher efficiency and improved staff productivity, integrated voice and videoconferencing solutions will greatly reduce our operational costs while enhancing the collaboration experience between our staff across our offices,” said Al Sharaf

“Our work with the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group demonstrates the digital maturity of business groups in the region, led by strong examples such as the Kanoo Group. In such engagements, flexibility is a key requirement, and our solutions and services targeted towards diverse business needs are available to consumers in a number of consumption models. We also look at this as testament to our strong support towards Bahrain, a market we see as a key growth area. Across regions, our wireless solutions deliver the simplicity, scalability and security that our customers now expect from Avaya, allowing them to meet changing business requirements and enable their employees to do more than ever before”, said Mohammed Areff, VP MEA, Avaya.

Established in Bahrain in 1890, YBA Kanoo has diversified its business interest from trading and shipping to other dynamic industries, including shipping, travel, machinery, chemicals, logistics, properties, energy, technology and other retail and commercial activities. The group also operates the largest travel and leisure company in the Middle East. The group is looking to further expand internationally and the Avaya solution will help it achieve its ambitions.

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