Microsoft Arabia employee achieves Guinness World Record

Wednesday 20 March 2019
Riyadh - MENA Herald:

Microsoft today announced that its employee has made a remarkable achievement by entering into the Guinness World Record. Mansour Al-Mansour, Senior Technical Account Manager at Microsoft Arabia achieved this recognition by championing among more than 3000 participants at the world’s largest Hajj Hackathon hosted by Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming.

Mansour introduced disruptive technologies such as Drones and Augmented Reality (AR) demonstrating how they can empower governments and organisations to achieve more. And proposed an innovative business model to enhance pilgrim experience and improve quality of service.

“I am honoured for the recognition in the Guinness World Records and would like to thank Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming on all the efforts they put in encouraging the youth of the kingdom to unleash their potential.” Said Mansour. “The basic idea behind this initiative is to prevail how modern technology can be utilized to serve the community better which in turn highlights appropriate use of solutions to make Hajj easier for pilgrims.” 

Mansour achieved this recognition at the Hajj Hackathon which went ahead in breaking the Guinness World record for the most simultaneous participants in any hackathon conducted till date. The competition witnessed entrepreneurs and technology experts focused on key sectors like health, finance, facilities management and travel and hospitality.

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