Future Government Drives Bahrain’s IT Market to BHD 70 Million by 2021

Sunday 12 May 2019
The SAP Next-Gen Hub launches at Bahrain Polytechnic
Manama - MENA Herald:

 Future government and digital transformation are driving Bahrain’s IT market to reach a record-high of BHD 70 million by 2021, the newly appointed Country Manager of SAP Bahrain announced today.

In line with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 to foster economic diversification, organizations are increasingly digitally transforming, especially with real-time software to transform citizen and customer experiences. As a result, Bahrain’s IT market is growing by 8 percent to BHD 70 million by 2021, according to BMI Research.

“Bahrain’s record-high IT spend shows how rapidly digital transformation is accelerating for the public and private sectors,” said Reham Almusa, Country Manager, SAP Bahrain. “Bahraini organizations, especially in the public sector and banking and finance, are becoming Intelligent Enterprises to gain a competitive edge, predict citizen and customer needs, and drive innovation.”

One of Bahrain’s biggest opportunities is to run on the cloud to optimize costs and business agility, and to scale up. SAP is seeing strong Bahrain interest on SAP’s Saudi Arabia Digital Hub and cloud data center.

Fostering Bahrain’s innovation community and youth development, Bahrain Polytechnic has launched the country’s first SAP Next-Gen Hub. The virtual space, at leading universities, enables the SAP ecosystem of customers and partners to co-innovate and co-create with students.

Dr. Jeff Zabudsky, CEO, Bahrain Polytechnic, stated: “We are delighted to have launched the first SAP Next-Gen Hub in collaboration with SAP. We want to continue collaborating with our industry partners to ensure that our students are educated with the best practices with SAP Next-Gen resources to utilize SAP software and curriculum in classrooms.”

During the recent Unbound Bahrain, Wissam Kadi, Global Director, SAP Next-Gen Labs, spoke on how organizations can impact innovation by activating science fiction thinking and imagination, and leading with purpose tied to the UN Global Goals. He also highlighted SAP’s support for the One Billion Lives initiative and how SAP Next-Gen drives and encourages innovation, intrapreneurship, and entrepreneurship in collaboration with its expansive ecosystem.

“Bahrain is a key growth market, especially for running on the cloud, driving innovation, and supporting the country’s young talent development and workforce of the future,” said Ahmed Al-Faifi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, SAP Middle East North. “Reham Almusa has the strong IT experience and leadership skills to accelerate Bahrain’s nationwide digital transformation and transform experiences.”

Rehma Almusa has been promoted internally, most recently serving as the Senior Manager for Healthcare and Public Services for SAP Saudi Arabia. Reham Almusa has more than 7 years of IT experience, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in IT from King Saud University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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