Dubai Courts proactively steps on path of leadership with launch of Smart Performance Indicators Program

Monday 09 May 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Dubai Courts inaugurated its Smart Performance Indicators Program with the intention of achieving the objective of the 2015 Strategic and Operational Plan to develop electronic and smart software to gauge performance indicators. The move is in line with the strategic goals and detailed indicators related to main operations, quality initiatives, and sub-services, among others. The program is part of efforts to strengthen confidence in the judicial system locally and internationally, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of internal performance, and develop human resources capable of providing legal services to ensure the fair and reliable application of laws and government regulations to complement Dubai Plan 2021.

Specially designed according to the Balanced Scorecard system, the Smart Performance Indicators Program is of vital importance. It is based on a comprehensive methodology that ensures the understanding and following-up of the actual results sequentially, complementarily and coherently from the strategic to the operational level all the way towards each employee. The program was developed by taking advantage of the strong technical infrastructure and the internally developed modern database integrated to provide immediate and updated information; detailed reports on operations, judicial and administrative services and their indicators; results of quality and excellence practices; and the support operations and their outcomes back to 2012.

The Smart Performance Indicators Program lays solid foundations for enhancing the decision-making process, as it allows benchmarks to be set according to international best practices on an annual, monthly or semi-annual basis. In addition, it enables the adoption of a unified central mechanism for project management, following up on the phases of the completion of quality initiatives and operational plans, analyzing overall performance outcomes, identifying gaps and risks, finding appropriate solutions, and exploring opportunities for immediate improvement. The new program paves the way for institutionally performance governance, systematically and holistically to be integrated and interconnected with the inputs of technical systems applied at Dubai Courts.

H.E. Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Director General of Dubai Courts, explained that the Smart Performance Indicators Program complements the innovative system adopted by Dubai Courts. It supports the smart transformation to make Dubai the world’s smartest city within the next few years in line with the strategic policy and far-reaching vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

He added: “The efficient performance of the courts is at the forefront of our strategic priorities, which is why we developed a unique program that would enhance the decision-making process and facilitate benchmarking with an elite group of global courts and the best international legal and judicial practices. This will benefit our message centered on achieving accurate and immediate influential justice and providing accessible legal services for all.”

“The new program supports our efforts to fulfill the promise to raise the level of confidence between Dubai Courts and its customers based on the core values of transparency and innovation. The program opens broad prospects for building a relationship of reliability with our customers by informing them about the results of the key processes in a transparent and credible way with the use of the so-called ‘Electronic Pledge Displays.’ It provides an opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of judicial and legal work as well as raises the quality and excellence of services to achieve the highest level of customers’ satisfaction and happiness, which was 93 per cent by the end of 2015 per the findings of the Dubai Government Excellence Program Report. We look forward with confidence and optimism to the launch of this quality program which will undoubtedly be a strong start to achieve our main goal of building distinct and world-class courts,” concluded H.E. Al Mansouri.

The Smart Performance Indicators Program was developed by a specialist team, under the supervision of strategic management and the membership of various relevant departments. The initial requirements were the provisioning of the smart electronic program for process management and the identification of the strategic and operational performance indicators. These were followed by a review of the most successful local and international experiences and benchmark studies in order to ensure the adoption of the best modern technologies for achieving the desired goals.

The program was designed and implemented with the help of the Corporater business performance management platform in several stages, including the understanding, evaluation and selection of the best practices and experiences, restriction on information and data to determine their suitability, and developing the required systems and data entry. It also involved various stages of experimentation, evaluation and completion of optimization based on experience and evaluation as well as user training, culminating with the final launch phase on the intranet, internet, and smart devices.

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