Data security and digital innovation to help drive in more digital economic growth in the UAE, says Buzinessware

Monday 06 June 2016
Sajid Iqbal

Dubai - MENA Herald: Data security and the continuing emergence of digital innovations are poised to play a significant role in the UAE’s efforts to drive in more digital economic growth, says Buzinessware, a leading Middle East Internet Infrastructure service provider. The company has further noted that local hosting can provide UAE and regional-based businesses with key advantages and benefits, including increased security and improved performance. Buzinessware’s statements complement a recent report from Deloitte Middle East showing that the region’s digital economy is set to double over the next three years, passing the USD 30 billion mark by 2018 after registering nearly 30 per cent growth in 2015. The growth demonstrates the expanding nature of the internet's reach across the Middle East and North African region (MENA).

According to Buzinessware's recent research report, 91 per cent of an estimated 335,450 companies in the UAE are known to host offshore, at an average cost of AED 800 annually, while local hosting packages are priced at AED 365 for the same service and data allowance. The report also states that the country’s economy could save over AED 132 million annually by switching to local web hosting options. With this in mind, Buzinessware has expressed its confidence in securing around 100,000 customers by 2020.

“The move towards digitization is dramatically changing the MENA region, and UAE remains at the forefront as the leading internet economy in the region” said Sajid Iqbal, Co-founder, Director Strategy and Operations, Buzinessware. “As the digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, companies in the UAE have expressed a demand for a hosting provider that is focused on offering fast, secure & scalable hosting environments, coupled with one-to-one support.”

At present, the UAE is home to world-class infrastructure--providing the capability to host quantities of data for businesses across the region, which no other country in the GCC can match. Local hosting is expected to provide UAE and regional-based businesses with the promise of a secure and performance oriented solution. When content accessed by local users is hosted overseas, the content must traverse expensive and under-provisioned international links, which can have a significant impact on the user experience with increased delays. Local hosting solutions increase a website’s speed and search engine visibility when visiting from the GCC.

Buzinessware currently has more than 10,000 businesses from 60+ countries, and more than 200+ resellers who are selling their products. Each data centre facility is built to world-class standards. Infrastructure is designed to provide high bandwidth, ample power, simplified system deployment and features multiple power feeds, fibre links, dedicated generators, and battery backups to support business continuity.

“We are looking at a bright future ahead of us, in terms of digital economic growth. Countries and companies that have gotten ahead and embraced the digital transformation will uncover limitless possibilities to drive innovation, growth and jobs of the future. Rest assured that Buzinessware will remain steadfast in its commitment to provide enterprises in the UAE with top class technology, infrastructure and 24/7 support and service, in order for them to be part of this rapid digital change,” concluded Iqbal.

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