Cisco Champions Safer Internet with Launch of Children’s Book

Wednesday 13 March 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

At its “Cisco Connect: Say Hello to the Future” event, Cisco celebrated 30 years of the World Wide Web by sharing insights from the VNI Forecast to predict trends and behaviors evolving in the digital landscape regionally and globally.

Cisco believes that with the rapid growth of the Internet, individuals need to be equipped with the right tools and knowledge to access it securely. A panel of industry experts, including Amro Jaber – Advisor – Information Technology, Ministry of Education; Ali Mohamed Al Ali – Director of IT, Department of Health; Neal Oates – Assistant Headmaster, Dubai British School, Taaleem and Tamara Clarke – Tech Blogger and Columnist joined moderator Sarah Abdullah – Founder of Makooky, discussed the importance of collective responsibility and how society can be made safer through the use of education.

As part of its commitment to ensuring a safer Internet for all, Cisco has collaborated with noted tech columnist Tamara Clarke to launch children’s book – ‘The Super Surfer’. The book follows the journey of a 5-year old boy named Wally, with a love for surfing, both at the beach and online. Through his experience of surfing the World Wide Web, Wally learns to address everything from pop-ups and cyberbullying, to rules for sharing personal information. Tamara’s book aims to empower parents with the ability to educate their children on the subject of Internet safety. Through a light-hearted, yet informative story in rhyme, children between 3 and 7 years can follow simple guidelines for safer online engagement.

Commenting on the release of The Super Surfer book, Tamara Clarke said: “As a parent who is bringing up their children in the Digital Age, I know firsthand how daunting the Internet can seem. But as a tech enthusiast, I also know the wealth of opportunities it creates. This is why I have worked on producing The Super Surfer – to give parents the tools to educate their children and benefit from using the Internet, in a responsible manner. It is reassuring to know that brands like Cisco are willing to get behind such a movement – not just great as leaders in their industry, but also in terms of championing a safer Internet for all.”

Expanding on Cisco’s commitment to Internet safety, Shukri Eid, Managing Director – East Region, Cisco Middle East said: “The Internet has truly changed the ways in which we navigate our daily lives. It allows us to explore new possibilities together, but we must also recognize the important of online safety.

At Cisco, we believe that in order to truly create change, education needs to start with the young. The youth of today are always connected. They have been brought into a world where smartphones are the norm and can often operate them almost intrinsically. Through our collaboration with Tamara and the launch of The Super Surfer book, we are proud to lead the conversation in online safety, working towards securing a future Internet that is sustainable, secure and beneficial for all.”

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