Batelco Launches Bahrain WiFi and Takes Innovation to a New Level

Tuesday 07 June 2016

Manama - MENA Herald: Batelco, in line with its commitment to provide world class communications and enable the Kingdom of Bahrain’s future vision, launched Bahrain WiFi at an exclusive event held at the Bahrain International Circuit under the patronage of the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications H.E. Eng. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed and in the presence of the Chairman Shaikh Hamad bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, were present on the occasion.
“This service will undoubtedly elevate communication standards in Bahrain to be on par with the ranks of smart and sophisticated international locations that provide first class services to residents and tourists. The Kingdom of Bahrain has been and remains a pioneer and leader in all service areas and Batelco is very proud to play its part,” said Batelco Bahrain CEO Eng. Muna Al Hashemi.

The launch of Bahrain-WiFi combined with the rollout of Batelco’s Superfast fiber network provides the most advanced digital platform for consumers and business in Bahrain. Batelco continues to invest in the relevant platforms to elevate communication standards as part of its drive to become the leading integrator of digital solutions in Bahrain and in doing so ensure seamless communications solutions for its customers and in the case of Bahrain WiFi by Batelco, catering to the need of all residents and visitors to the Island as well.

The Nationwide WiFi rollout, which will make Bahrain as one home with internet access, has begun with a number of Hotspots including The Bahrain International Circuit, Seef Mall Muharraq and the Juffair Restaurant area ready to go as part of this significant initiative. Over 50 locations, catering to all regions of Bahrain are currently WiFi ready or in process, and will be launched during 2016.
In the first major step for the project, Batelco provided WiFi throughout the Bahrain International Circuit for the 2016 Formula One weekend, making it the first international circuit to provide free public WiFi. Over the course of the three day event, around 70,000 visitors connected to the Bahrain WiFi network which provided full coverage throughout the circuit with the public generating over one terabyte of WiFi traffic.
“Supporting Bahrain’s vision to be a leading regional communications hub and helping with attracting businesses and tourist to the Kingdom is high on Batelco’s agenda. The provisioning of WiFi throughout the Bahrain International Circuit for the 2016 Formula One weekend was just the first step, and we were delighted with its success. We look forward to extending the service to many other key locations in the near future,” Mrs. Al Hashemi said.
“Batelco’s effort to cover Bahrain with WiFi demonstrates the Company’s commitment in developing relevant Smart City solutions which help to maintain Bahrain’s leading position on the international market. Additionally this initiative reiterates the alignment of Batelco’s goals to those of the Kingdom of Bahrain and emphasises its support for the local digitisation drive,” she added.
Batelco’s most exciting innovation yet, Bahrain WiFi, will be available to all, providing a most convenient service to Bahrain’s population and visitors. Any WiFi enabled devices will be able to connect to the Bahrain WiFi Landing page and benefit from a limited daily complimentary allocation, following which they will be directed to the Bahrain WiFi portal with easy payment options to continue using the service. Batelco’s mobile customers will be automatically connected to the service whenever they enter one of the WiFi Hotspots.
Batelco has always embedded innovation as central to its strategy and since the Company’s inception has been connecting people and places via the most up to date telecommunications services, to upgrade their world and deliver a first class customer experience.

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