5 Best Apps to get the best of Google this Eid

Sunday 03 July 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald - With Eid just around the corner, it is time to really put technology to work. Whether you’re travelling somewhere you’ve never been or having friends and family visit, here is a range of Google apps that will help you get the best of the holiday.

1. Google Now
Your personal assistant is a swipe away. Simply swipe right on your Android to quickly access the Google App where you will find a search bar waiting for your query and Google cards with personalised information based on your Google account.

2. Google Maps and Street View
From planning to navigation, let Google Maps help you this break. Before booking a hotel for your trip, take a look at the area you might be staying in using the Street View feature. Once you land in the airport, use the offline feature to guide you through the best routes of this new city

3. Google Translate
More than 100 languages are now available on Google Translate, dozens of which are now available offline. Simply download the language you’re going to be using in the next few days and use it to communicate, bargain, and make new friends.

4. Google Calendar
Between coordinating holidays, flights, and preferences, planning a break with more than one person can get draining, even if you’re not leaving the country. On Google Calendar, you can keep track of all these factors in a crisp and clear outline. Calendar can even remind your fellow holidaymakers to submit their visa documents or of their upcoming flights.

5. Google Photos
Everyone in the pictures you took on your trip will want to see these memories. Google Photos provides an easy and organized platform to store and share your photos. Simply create an album of the pictures you wish to share and send your friends and family a link with which they can access the photos.

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