Huawei introduces technology-packed wireless earphones in the UAE

Wednesday 03 July 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) has recently launched HUAWEI FreeLace in the UAE. The new exquisitely designed wireless earphones offer intelligent connectivity, powerful audio and long battery life.

Launching in Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise and Emerald Green colors, and supporting HUAWEI HiPair HUAWEI FreeLace can easily be paired with and fast charged by Huawei smartphones intuitively - by simply plugging into the device[1].

With HUAWEI FreeLace, Huawei is giving consumers in the UAE a premium experience and the freedom of going completely wireless. The HUAWEI FreeLace is made of memory metal wrapped in liquid silicon which offers a decorative appearance, and feels soft and skin-friendly, which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities.  HUAWEI FreeLace addresses many of the issues that consumers have voiced - complicated first time Bluetooth pairing, poor sound quality and insufficient battery life. HUAWEI FreeLace liberates users from cables without compromising on user experience. 2

Pairing HUAWEI FreeLace with a Huawei smartphone is easier and more intuitive than any other wireless earphones. Separating the right earbud and its cable from the volume buttons reveals a USB Type-C connector, which can be inserted into the USB Type-C port of any Huawei smartphone running EMUI 9.1 for quick and easy Bluetooth pairing via HUAWEI HiPair. This Huawei proprietary technology eliminates the often time-consuming process of pairing Bluetooth peripherals with smartphones, which usually involves discovery and several attempts at establishing a wireless connection.

HUAWEI FreeLace can also be plugged to the USB Type-C port of any smartphone, tablet or PC for quick charging - a five-minute charge gives the earphones up to four hours of playback time. HUAWEI FreeLace supports up to 18 hours of playback or 13 hours of talk time on a single charge.

Inside each of the speakers is a large dynamic driver unit with a diameter of 9.2 mm. comprising an ultra-thin TPU diaphragm and titanium plating, the drivers deliver a punchy bass and smooth treble. The microphone module incorporates a dual-cavity design which, unlike the microphones in traditional earphones, features an additional channel for air ventilation, greatly reducing the effect of wind on voice pick-up.

Besides ease-of-use, sound quality and design, HUAWEI FreeLace comes with a range of features that help deliver the best user experience. Magnetic Switch improves portability of the earphones, while its built-in Hall sensor makes control more intuitive than ever: connect both sides and the earphones go into sleep mode, and they will automatically resume once separated. The in-line controls support not only volume adjustments, but also additional inputs such as a two-second long press that activates the voice assistant, and a double-tap that skips the current music.

Price and availability: HUAWEI FreeLace in Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise and Emerald Green colors is available starting July 10th for AED299 in Huawei Experience Stores, ecommerce and select retailer across UAE.

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