Ai Everything : Dubai Police welcomes leading global data scientists to co-create a safer society at region’s first ‘Kaggle Days’

Saturday 27 April 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

Global tech supremos will make their way to Dubai to participate in the region’s first ‘Kaggle Days’, a two-day global competition that is organized by Google-owned Kaggle and LogicAI. An online data scientists community comprising more than 1 million users, Kaggle Days has partnered with Dubai Police to host this edition during Ai Everything, which runs from April 30 – May 1, 2019 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

With technology seamlessly integrating into people’s daily lives, the role of law enforcement agencies to build on its impact has become imperative. Police forces around the world continue to build capabilities to solve crimes that increasingly occur online, deploy robots to patrol communities to upkeep public safety and leverage AI technologies to prevent, predict, detect and investigate criminal offenses.

More than 150 global data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts, many from the UAE, including the world’s elite Grandmasters and Masters - will partner with the Dubai Police and Dubai Police Scientists Council to build solutions aimed at elevating the city’s position as one of the safest, smartest and happiest places in the world.

The competition features some of Kaggle’s leading data scientists. Six of the top 20 Global Grandmasters – a status that is earned through contributions and competitions – are set to participate, including Gilberto Titericz, Lead Data Scientist at Ople from Brazil, who currently ranks second globally, in addition to Pavel Pleskov, Data Scientist at Point API from Russia; Marios Michailidis, Competitive Data Scientist at H2O ai from Greece; Pavel Ostyakov, Deep Learning Engineer at Samsung AI Centre from Russia; Mohamed Chahhou, Professor at the Faculty of Science Dhar Mahraz from Morocco; as well as Dmytro Poplavskiy, System Engineer at Topcon Positioning from Australia.

Concentrating brain-power to solve universal issues with AI tech

Taking to the stage, Dubai Police is set to host an AI workshop in partnership with LogicAI, a Warsaw-based information and technology start-up firm and creator of Kaggle Days. Its members will concentrate their combined intelligence on issues that unlock immeasurable benefits for society and apply their data science and machine learning expertise to some of the most pressing issues that are critical for the enhancement of the safety and security of Dubai’s residents.

“Our journey into the future has already begun with investments to build capabilities and adopt frontier technologies in our mission to become the smartest police force in the world. Artificial Intelligence solutions built for Dubai will put us at the forefront of law enforcement innovation and enable us to augment our community’s happiness. By collaborating with Kaggle – a leading community of exceedingly talented data scientists – and LogicAI, we hope to add new capabilities to our portfolio that will further cement our role as a leader in this space and ultimately make Dubai one of the safest, smartest and happiest cities in the world,” said Major Dr. Rashid Hamdan Al Ghafari, Chairman of the Dubai Police Scientists Council.

"We are looking forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with Dubai Police. It's an honour that we'll be supporting the team in terms of applied data science and data science management, especially that we know that all these algorithms will be used for the public good." Maria Parysz, CEO & Co-Founder of LogicAI and founding partner of Kaggle Days.

Pioneering start-ups strive for global glory and a shot at $100,000 cash prizes 

Championing and nurturing the indomitable spirit of enterprise, Ai Everything will feature the Supernova Challenge. With a pool of prizes worth US$100,000, more than 45 submissions were received from 20 countries - including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Singapore, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Over 20 shortlisted start-ups will now descend on Dubai to win recognition on the world stage. The participating start-ups come from across 15 different sectors as diverse as Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Energy, Utilities, Arts, Media, Agriculture and Forestry, as well as Logistics and Supply Chain, showcasing anything from AI-powered risk analysis tools for SMEs, cancer diagnosis tools and innovations to improve the lives of people of determination.

Beyond the Supernova Challenge, Ai Everything offers ample opportunities for startups to exhibit their most impressive tech innovations. Perhaps one of the most exciting of these is BrainCo, a major disruptor in the global AI ecosystem, which will provide visitors with glimpses of its capabilities. The start-up will showcase the world’s most affordable AI-powered prosthetic hand, as well as FocusEDU. A solution that provides the world’s first technology that can quantify real-time student engagement in the classroom. FocusEDU will be displayed at Ai Everything for the first time in the region.

AI Everything Brave Awards celebrate pioneers in AI applications, first in the region

Celebrating the most innovative AI applications and with more than 60 submissions from over 15 countries received already in its inaugural edition, the Ai Everything Brave Awards in association with Forbes AI, promise some of the most striking AI end user solutions that have made a measurable impact on corporate or societal performances. From sectors ranging from energy to education, public safety, retail, healthcare and transportation, 16 global finalists will vie for global recognition and 8 winners will be recognized on the opening day of the event.

“Ai Everything is more than just a singular event - we are creating and enlarging the community that will shape the future application and impact of AI. Governments and businesses need to equip their employees with the latest in AI knowledge, and individuals need to take a proactive approach to their own upskilling efforts. Ai Everything will set the foundation for upcoming AI workforce transformation through the year’s largest and foremost opportunity to interact up close with the world’s leading AI experts, collaborate though interactive and immersive learning workshops, and chances to launch disruptive innovations through an array of competitions,” said Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Events Management, DWTC.

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