Sunday 19 May 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

AXA, one of the largest international insurers in the GCC and the world’s no. 1 global insurance brand for the 10th consecutive year*, has partnered with a renowned medical laboratory, to launch its new service, AXA Priority Checkup.

The new service is applicable for AXA’s group and individual life insurance customers in the United Arab Emirates. This service removes the need for customers to visit a hospital or clinic as part of the application process, as it gives them the convenience of a home or work visit with a fully trained nurse. It also reduces the need for unnecessary tests and can be completed in under 30 minutes, saving customers time and simplifying the application process significantly.

Speaking about the purpose behind the new service, Mishal Kanoo, Vice-Chairman at AXA Green Crescent Insurance Company, said; “We are committed to changing the perception of insurance in the region. As a requisite to obtaining life insurance, health screenings necessitate a lot of investment in customer’s time. This includes finding a doctor, arranging a time based on their availability, travelling to the facility for a screening, signing paperwork and following-up on his or her results. The introduction of AXA Priority Checkup is a great example of how we are simplifying our processes to benefit customers.”

Discussing further benefits, Mohamed Seghir, CEO at AXA Green Crescent Insurance Company, added; “Through AXA Priority Checkup, we are essentially removing barriers that will prevent customers from getting what is most important; their life protection. Life insurance provides peace of mind for individuals, families and employers, and we are keen to better showcase the value that it can bring across the region. The service is a win-win for all parties, as it is hassle-free for customers and removes non-relevant exams which add more time to the overall process.”

The medical screening includes an examination of the customer’s vitals, their medical history, as well as standard tests. If required, AXA may ask customers for further testing or records.

On his part, Adel Benachour, Head of Offering at AXA, said: “In addition to the added convenience throughout the process, the data privacy of our customers is also enhanced, as all information during the screening is collected securely, sent directly to AXA and assessed within 48 hours, ensuring that the customer’s insurance coverage begins sooner.”

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*As per Interbrand 2018 ranking.

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