National Bonds Hosts Focus Groups in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Offer Financial Consultancy to High Net-worth Client Base

Wednesday 15 June 2016
Mohammed Bitar, Chief Commercial Officer of National Bonds

Dubai - MENA Herald: National Bonds Corporation (National Bonds), the leading sharia-compliant savings and investment company in the UAE, organized a series of innovative financial planning seminars in the form of focus group discussions. The sessions, bringing together selected high-net-worth customers to talk about various topics related to personal finance with experts, were held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
In the context of a volatile market and declining oil prices, National Bonds took the initiative and invited its clients to discuss the most pressing economic issues of today. The first session, held in Abu Dhabi, presented an outlook of the current and future investment market with a focus on the oil, gold and real estate sectors. It also looked into fixed-income investment opportunities, introducing different types of assets.
True to its award for Best Wealth Management Service from Islamic Business and Finance Awards 2015, National Bonds dedicated the second session to debt and cash management. The company’s financial advisors highlighted the importance of debt management in building sustainable wealth, starting from budgeting and cash management. Clarifying the difference between fixed and variable expenses, the experts strongly recommended that customers prioritize paying off loans and other debts.
The audience received tailored materials containing useful information and practical tips on various relevant subjects, such as debt management, credit cards, home equity and personal loans.
In a bid to tackle all aspects of personal finance, National Bonds invited estate planning and will writing specialists for a third session in May to provide an overview of inheritance planning methods suitable for Muslims and non-Muslims. In addition, legal experts shared guidelines on writing wills in a specific jurisdiction with a clear vision.
Mohammed Bitar, Chief Commercial Officer of National Bonds said: “As a customer-oriented organization, we at National Bonds attach great importance to our clients and investors. Our newly launched interactive sessions give us the opportunity to advise them on their upcoming investments and offer our expertise to help them build sustainable wealth that will ensure a better future for them and their families. The benefits are mutual – on the one hand, we gain insight into our customers’ concerns and expectations, and on the other hand, their feedback will help us tailor our products to meet their needs.“
Apart from its sharia-compliant financial products and innovative savings plans, National Bonds offers its high-net-worth customers low-risk investments and guidance via its wealth management unit, which helps them achieve maximum returns while safeguarding their assets.

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