UAE Highlights Successes in Promoting Global Renewable Energy at IRENA’s 11th Council Meeting

Tuesday 24 May 2016
H.E Dr. Thani Alzeyoudi Minister of Climate Change and Environment and the Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to IRENA

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: The UAE joined 96 countries from around the world for the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) eleventh council meeting held this week in Abu Dhabi. The UAE delegation was led by H.E Dr. Thani Alzeyoudi Minister of Climate Change and Environment and the Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to IRENA.
The council met to discuss IRENA’s progress in the implementation of its work programme and the emerging strategic considerations for IRENA’s work in light of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
IRENA hosted a formal reception on the onset of the eleventh council in its headquarters celebrating renewable energy successes over the past five years. H.E Dr. Thani Alzeyoudi delivered the keynote speech in which he highlighted the achievements of IRENA over the past five years in renewable energy, commending its success in responding to the dynamic changes in the energy sector, and making the world recognize renewable energy as a key tool in addressing climate change and achieving sustainable development. H.E Dr.Thani also reaffirmed the UAE's commitment to IRENA and its accomplishments in fostering the growth and development of renewable energy solutions both domestically and internationally.
"Over the past five years IRENA grew tremendously. Today it has 147 members and is more than ever, at the forefront of the global momentum towards a more sustainable world." said H.E Dr. Thani Alzeyoudi adding, "Since its establishment, the UAE has been a true partner to IRENA, and has stayed true to its commitment to advance IRENA's mission to be a driving force in promoting the widespread and sustainable use of renewable energy globally.”
“The business case for renewable energy has never been stronger. Renewables are also increasingly being seen as the solution to a myriad of social, economic and environmental challenges,” said Adnan Z. Amin, IRENA’s Director-General. “As an Agency we have made great strides in our first five years and we have seen unprecedented development in the deployment of renewable energy at a global scale. The support of the UAE as the host country of our headquarters has been instrumental in this success. We expect even greater achievements in the years to come.”
During the council, which saw the highest country participation ever at an IRENA council meeting, IRENA launched its 2016 annual review of "Renewable Energy and Jobs" , and presented the findings of its 2016 edition of its flagship report "REmap: Roadmap for a Renewable Energy Future". Members also discussed issues of renewable energy deployment in regions of Latin America and West Africa, and cost reduction potential in solar and wind technologies.
On April the 6th, 2016 IRENA marked the fifth anniversary of its creation - it was the first full-fledged intergovernmental organization dedicated towards renewable energy.
IRENA’s Council is accountable to the Assembly and is composed of 21 Members who are elected on a rotating basis to ensure the effective participation of both developing and developed countries, the fair and equitable geographical distribution and the effectiveness of the Council’s work. The Council, among other responsibilities, facilitates consultations and cooperation among Members and considers the draft work programme, draft budget and annual report.

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