Solar Impulse Embarks on Historic Solar-Powered Transatlantic Flight

Monday 20 June 2016

Abu Dhabi - MENA Herald: Solar Impulse 2, the solar powered plane supported by Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company, departed today from New York City at 2:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time for its daring journey across the Atlantic Ocean. H.E. Majid Al Suwaidi, UAE Consul General in New York City, attended the take-off from John F. Kennedy International Airport. The solar-powered plane is making its way to Seville,
Spain, on the fifteenth leg of its mission, a voyage which is expected to take approximately 90 hours.
Commenting on the plane’s departure for this historic flight, H.E. Al Suwaidi said: “I am proud to have witnessed the take-off of Solar Impulse for its daring journey across the Atlantic Ocean as it makes its way back to Abu Dhabi to complete its round-the-world quest. With each new leg in this mission, the message of a successful partnership in innovation, between the Solar Impulse and its host city - Abu Dhabi, rings louder across the globe.”
“The UAE leadership has long been committed to becoming a responsible global energy leader and a benchmark for sustainable development. Supporting a plane that is circumnavigating the Earth without a drop of fuel is a proof of how human ingenuity coupled with global partnership can turn the bold vision of a more sustainable future for all into a reality in our time.”

Masdar, a company with a mission to advance the development, commercialisation and deployment of clean energy technologies and solutions, is the host partner of Solar Impulse 2.
Commenting on the plane’s journey to date, Masdar Sustainability Director Dr Nawal Al-Hosany said, “Solar Impulse’s global journey is a symbol of the viability of renewable energy and clean technology to put the world on a path to sustainable development. Europe is already home to some of the most significant and innovative utility-scale projects, including the part Masdar-owned Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant and London Array, the world’s largest offshore wind farm. The plane’s arrival in Europe – after a record-shattering Transatlantic flight – will further reinforce the vision shared by the UAE leadership that a clean energy future is possible to achieve through ingenuity, innovation and partnerships.”
Hasan Al Redaini, the UAE representative traveling with Solar Impulse commented, “The Transatlantic crossing represents another remarkable milestone in our journey. The goals of the project are maturing: it’s no longer about the longest flight, as we already accomplished that over the Pacific. Now our goal is endurance, resilience and adaptability to different conditions, which can drive the adoption of clean technologies in the long term.”

“The whole Solar Team is looking forward to our return to Abu Dhabi. For the plane, it will mark the completion of its long standing goal to circumvent the globe. As for me, returning home will present an opportunity bringing back expertise that can contribute to our nation’s sustainable development.”
Solar Impulse is expected to return to Abu Dhabi in July or August 2016.

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