Wednesday 24 April 2019
Muscat - MENA Herald:

Oman’s aviation sector developer, Oman Aviation Group unveiled its brand identity and strategy to propel the Sultanate’s aviation sector into the future. The move comes as part of the company’s efforts to highlight Oman’s significance on the global stage and broaden its appeal as a first-class destination for tourism and investment and an international hub for business and logistics. Operating three main subsidi­aries comprising Oman Air, Oman Airports and Oman Aviation Services, the Group is the lead facilitator for the Sultanate’s 25-year National Tourism Strategy. Oman Aviation Group’s long-term goal is to be a catalyst for progressive change in the local market as the Sultanate continues to develop a fully integrated aviation ecosystem.  

H.E. Ahmed Al-Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications said, “Oman boasts a world-class infrastructure that is increasingly attractive to international investors, which also enables us to position the Sultanate as an aviation hub with worldwide appeal. This will also positively impact the next stage of economic diversifica­tion and development, which ultimately feeds into all sectors.” His Excellency added, “Aviation is a key sector for economic growth, and having a clear vision to further develop it will positively im­pact other related sectors like tourism, logistics, as well as agriculture and fisheries.”

Today Oman Aviation Group will begin a new chapter in its promotional activities by adopting a distinctive new orange–blue livery and propeller brandmark. The Group chose the dynamic rebrand to epitomize the Sultanate’s unmistakable energy and drive. This is in line with the Group’s national mandate to bring sustainable value to Oman’s economy by shining the spotlight on the country’s aviation sector. As a strategic sector developer, Oman Aviation Group plays a pivotal role in developing Oma­ni talent and supporting local SMEs with the aim to grow local aviation-related skill sets and guarantee sustainability of the sector in the Sultanate

The CEO of Oman Aviation Group, Mustafa Al Hinai, described the rebranding as: “A clear mes­sage that Oman’s aviation sector is open for business, and that we are ready to share our story with the world to showcase our potential as a leading regional and global aviation hub.” He added, “Our focus is to significantly contribute to Oman’s Vision 2040 by developing the sector’s business potential and promoting it globally. Our teams work on key national ini­tiatives such as developing airport vicinities, distribution plans, as well as growing sea-to-air cargo capabilities.”

In the last year, Oman Aviation Group has seen rapid growth, launching its National Air Cargo Strategy and establishing close links with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to improve the supply chain for fish exports, Oman’s second-largest natural resource. In one year time, the Group created more than 980 direct Omani jobs and contributed to supporting nearly 8,000 indirect jobs within the Sultanate. These jobs support an industry that saw more than 1.3 mn additional passengers and 215,000 tons more air cargo travel through Muscat alone. In addition, more than OMR 100 mn in economic efficiencies were directly enabled and delivered with the implementation of various initiatives including Oman Air’s transformation strategy. The company has made significant strides towards its 2030 goals.

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