Globe Express Services deploys WiseTech Global’s CargoWise One software across 56 offices worldwide

Tuesday 03 May 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Globe Express Services (GES) announces it will enhance its business processes and capabilities globally by implementing CargoWise One software across 56 GES offices located across 20 countries.

CargoWise One is one of the most integrated and comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions that forms an integral link in the global logistics industry. It is an operating system that streamlines processes, integrates business with customers and partners, and improves communication with the supply chain. The deployment of the next-generation CargoWise One technology will help GES in improving its visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and profitability.

“As logistics becomes increasingly global and complex, the competition gets stiffer and business-changing acquisitions take place more frequently. In such a dynamic environment, companies that are capable of meeting or exceeding the standard specifications definitely have an edge over competitors and therefore, it is important for businesses to innovate and streamline their supply chain to optimize productivity. We felt that CargoWise One’s highly flexible and feature-rich system software has the capability to offer unmatched functionality to address the demands of the global logistics. We are upbeat that its single-platform technology will ensure increased productivity, better integration, and enhanced profitability once the implementation is complete. Implementing advanced technology is a worthy investment as it brings increased visibility and improved accountability, ensuring a stronger competitiveness and better control of supply chain,” Mustapha Kawam, President & CEO, Globe Express Services.

Gene Gander, Vice President of Business Development Americas for WiseTech Global, the technology development company behind CargoWise One, states, “We are pleased to be partnering with Globe Express Services. CargoWise One is a broad and deep solution that offers unique advantages to a variety of customers depending on their specific workflows. With GES’s broad product offering, they will have a comprehensive module for every touch point along the supply chain they manage. Additionally, with CargoWise One’s single-file platform solution, Globe Express expect to boost to their productivity gains across all the countries where they operate. It’s a truly global solution for a global operation.”

Participants in the supply chain have witnessed gradual changes, including electronic invoicing, computerized shipping, and tracking and automated notifications with the advent of new technology. Many logistic companies have adopted and advanced these technologies for business-to-business interactions before offering tracking and accountability facility to consumers. However, it was apparent even in the early days that the ability to send notification to everyone along the chain was vital and would gradually become an integral part of the supply chain management.

While supply chain management has been around since the assembly line, its role has evolved in the recent times to become complex. Full of risk, it is subject to regulations, fines, competition, and international shipping restrictions. Technology, however, has provided logistics sector with several new capabilities, redefining the role of supply chain management as a profession and discipline.

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