Dubai Hosts First Workshop Conducted by The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Wednesday 06 March 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group recently conducted its first workshop for the Mass Transit Network – hosted in Dubai – centered around the theme ‘promoting the use of mass transit in cities with harsh climates. The workshop gathered representatives from thirteen international cities, including Dubai.

The Mass Network supports cities’ efforts in enhancing mass transit, improving mass transit coverage and experience to make it more accessible, integrated and attractive to use.

During the three day workshop, the representing countries discussed challenges and solutions to promote the use of mass transit in cities with harsh climate conditions; with participating cities Dubai, Buenos Aires, Abidjan, Addis Ababa, Ho Chi Minh, Amman, Chennai, Los Angeles, Seattle, Auckland, Curitiba, Barcelona and Bangalore.

The attendees participated in interactive presentations developed by each city that addresses their city’s challenges; as well as provides feasible solutions against each.

H.E. Abdulla Mohammed Al Basti, Secretary General of the Executive Council of Dubai, said that hosting the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group Workshop in Dubai demonstrates the initiatives undertaken by the nation to put the UAE on the map and at the forefront of addressing key issues such as climate change.  

Al Basti related the objective of the workshop to the recent speech of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council at the World Government Summit where unveiled 7 Shifts Dubai is working to adopt. These shifts include the fundamental transformation in the design of cities, means of transport, lifestyle, ways of utilization of resources, concept of cities competitiveness, cities economics and governance.

The Secretary General highlighted the importance of this workshop to develop solutions to promote the use of mass transit in cities with harsh climates to reduce CO2 emissions and support the goals of the C40 Climate Leadership Group. He also highlighted, Dubai has made significant strides in raising awareness around efficient use of resources, switching to alternative means of transport – with Dubai Metro being one of the best examples.

Al Basti added: “All strategic plans and initiatives launched by Dubai reflect its efforts to promote all aspects of sustainability. Dubai is implementing several projects, programs and initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality, and contribute towards enhancing the quality of life for the public by encouraging the use of mass transit.  

Solutions Anticipating Future Challenges

Mrs. Samira Al Rais, Senior Director of Policies and Strategies for Sustainable Development at the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai said: "Dubai efforts to promote environmental sustainability are in line with the objectives of the Cities Climate Leadership Group. She stressed, Dubai aims to create a future that guarantees a healthy and safe environment for future generations by anticipating challenges and being prepared to address issues related to climate change. She also emphasized that creating an environment that is conducive for enhancing energy efficiency, achieving green growth and ensuring its sustainability, are the top priorities for Dubai Government.

Al Rais added: “Hosting the first workshop for the Mass Transit Network reiterates Dubai’s efforts in promoting sustainable development. Dubai’s strategic initiatives and plans to make advances in this area will support Dubai’s vision to become a smart, sustainable and knowledge-based city that champions the use of sustainable resources to provide a healthy and clean environment for all”


The workshop concluded with a list of recommendations being circulated to all the circulation of C40 Member Cities which included, designing of cities transportation infrastructure, mobility, lifestyle and utilization of resources, to include distribution of land uses and linking them to the main mass transit lines in order to reduce reliance on private vehicles in transition between houses and workplaces.

The workshop also highlighted the need to provide shading with minimum costs to provide ease of access to metros and tram stations by foot, especially in hot and humid cities, in line with the main objective of the workshop.

The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group works on five major initiatives, each of which involves several specialized groups. In the Climate Adaptation Initiative, there are the groups of coastal cities, urban heat island and floods in urban cities; in the Transportation and Urban Planning Initiative, there are the Land Use Planning Network, Mass Transit Network, Transport Management Network, Walking and Cycling Network and Zero Emissions Vehicle Network; while the Air Quality Initiative involves the Air Quality Network, the Energy and Buildings Initiative involves the Clean Energy Network, Private Building Efficiency, Municipal Building Efficiency; and the Food, Waste & Water Initiative involves the Food Systems Network, the Sustainable Solid Waste Systems (SSWS) Network.

Dubai Membership in the C40 Group

Dubai joined the world's C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in 2015, becoming part of an elite group of the world's cities committed to fighting climate change. In 2017, Dubai nominated a representative from the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai in the Steering Committee of the C40 Cities network, which consists of 17 members representing different geographical areas. Dubai represents 11 cities across South and West Asia, leading the efforts in tackling challenges that are taking over the world and affecting climate change.

Since joining the C40, Dubai has participated in several global workshops, conferences and forums to convey its experiences and success stories in the field of sustainable infrastructure, climate change adaptation and reduction of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. It has played an important role in promoting measures taken for combating climate change, achieving happiness and prosperity healthcare of its residents, and working together with the world cities to create a brighter future for future generations.

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