Canon employees pledge to increase participation in community initiatives in honour of the ‘Year of Zayed’

Sunday 11 February 2018
Canon employees at Dubai Marathon
Dubai - MENA Herald:

In honour of the ‘Year of Zayed,’ Canon Middle East’s (CME) employees pledged to increase their participation in activities and initiatives whereby they can benefit and give back to the community. This is a continuation of the company’s ‘Follow You Happiness’ campaign launched in 2017 and driven by three pillars: Future, Youth, and Happiness. Together these pillars create an environment whereby Canon employees are given the tools, physical and intellectual space to grow, become more optimistic about their future, use and develop their creativity, and actively participate in their community.

Driven by the pillar of Happiness, which encourages spreading happiness and optimism outwards to the community, over 70 of Canon’s employees participated at this year’s Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon to raise funds for a noble cause. The Canon team was led by Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director of CME, as part of the company’s commitment to participating in community activities and initiatives whereby employees can make a difference.

“Canon is continually providing it employees with opportunities to share, contribute and collaborate so we can achieve great things together, and this year, in honour of the ‘Year of Zayed,’ we are going to expand our community activities further to make a bigger impact,” said Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director, Canon Middle East. “The Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon truly symbolises Canon’s pervading spirit of bonding as well as the relentless efforts of its employees to constantly innovate, push the boundaries of service excellence and make a positive difference in our community. There was a lot of hard work and commitment leading up to the day and we are honoured that our collaborative efforts will result in contributing to a good cause.”

Canon also contributed to the event by setting up a Creative Park station for children during the marathon, so they can stay entertained while their family members participated. The stand included a series of engaging Creative Park arts and crafts activities including papercraft projects and scrapbook materials.

Additionally, Canon employees and family members will be joining the Dubai Cares’ 9TH Walk for Education on Friday February 16, 2018, which is also in support of the ‘Year of Zayed.’ Held annually, the walk is in solidarity with millions of children in developing countries who walk long distances every day to attend school.

“Further to CME’s commitment to the ‘Follow your Happiness’ initiative and each of the three pillars, our active participation in the community events clearly resonates with Canon’s global corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei,’ which means living and working together for the common good. By delivering social benefits through our people, we are powerfully demonstrating our commitment to our philosophy.” Agrawal further added.

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