QNET Announces the Launch of Its Annual QNET GCC EXPO in Oman

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Muscat - MENA Herald:

Asia’s leading direct selling company, QNET announced the launch of the third edition of its annual QNET GCC EXPO, which will be held in Oman on the 28th and 29th of March under the theme "Change Rise Conquer". The exhibition is a reflection for the company's concept “Absolute Living" to improve the lifestyle and well-being of families and children. QNET offers a range of products designed to guarantee physical and psychological health including: Home Care Products, Personal Care Products, Nutrition Products, and Bernhard H. Mayer Watches.

QNET plans to showcase a variety of products during the Expo, including its Home Care products that include HomePure Nova, Airpure Air Purifier and Quespresso coffee machine, and the Personal Care products which provide the customers with DEFY Dirt Fighter, BioSilver 22 and Physio Radiance. In addition to a collection of watches and jewelry by Bernhard H. Mayer such as  Ascent Chronograph Watch, Iris Chronograph Watch Deep Blue, Ballad Ladies Watch, and a range of Nutrition products like EDG3, Qafe, Kenta and H2GO.

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