Marka has announced the availability of its enviably chic Menottes collection in Dubai City Walk

Monday 01 August 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: dinh van, which forms part of the luxury arm of Marka PJSC (DFM: MARKA), has announced the availability of its enviably chic Menottes collection in Dubai City Walk. The contemporary French jewelry house’s bespoke pieces from its iconic collection embody the spirit of French jewelry.

The dinh van pieces of jewelry have their origins in everyday-life observation making creations totally iconoclast. The collection Menottes dinh van is the best example of this.

The design was inspired after the jeweler studied his apartment key, and came up with the idea of taking a second key and fitting the two heads together to produce a one-of-a-kind key-ring based on the principle of the quick separation of two keys. Originally inspired by a key head, the intriguing design later became known as the Menottes dinh van collection, due to the difficulty in opening the clasp once it is on the wearer’s wrist or neck. A testament to the unique craftsmanship that went into every piece, the simple yet sophisticated piece requires perfect proportional synergy in order to create a seamless fit.

Following the principle of “Less is more”, the Menottes dinh van collection illustrates perfectly the pragmatic, practical outlook of dinh van Maison on jewellery.

By giving the handcuff clasp pride of place on a pearl-and-diamond encrusted necklace, the designer overturned one of the main principles of jewelry design by showcasing the very element that is usually hidden in a necklace - the clasp.
For 40 years, the Menottes dinh van collection symbolizes dinh van Maison, highlighting its bold creativity. The collection has been adapted to suit every occasion, ensuring second-to-none standards in class and elegance for its fashion-forward clientele across the region and beyond. Timeless yet essential, it has become over time synonymous with unity and emotional attachment (bond). The two interlinked handcuffs carry a symbol of love, friendship and affection.

This year the Menottes dinh van are celebrating their 40th anniversary.
A year punctuated by the launch of different products.

dinh van Maison provides a full range of jewelry pieces available in yellow, white and pink gold, in every size with or without diamonds. The design is so pure, simple and straight to the point that it fits women, men (especially on a cord) and even kids.

Following on the success of dinh van’s mono-store in Dubai, Marka aims to continue the luxury jewellery house’s expansion in the Middle East with plans for five more bespoke boutiques to take root in the UAE and Qatar ahead of Expo 2020

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