“Sharjah Summer Promotions” Continues to Captivate Visitors with its Exciting Discounts and Interesting Deals

Saturday 03 August 2019
Sharjah - MENA Herald:

As it enters its second month, the “Sharjah Summer Promotions” is still captivating visitors and shoppers through a wide-range of interesting deals and exciting discounts of up 80%.

This comes after the SCCI, the festival’s organizer, announced a series of motivational advantages for both retailers and shoppers.

These included the exemption of the participating shops from the Eastern and Central Region from the participation fees and reduction of the participation fees for Sharjah’s shopping malls sector of up to 40%.

In addition to that, a super sale campaign of up to 80% has been launched, in association with the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD), besides the increasing number of the daily and weekly prizes dedicated by the shopping malls to the visitors and shoppers.

Many of the participating shopping centers have launched numerous promotions to attract the largest number of visitors, announcing a wide range of attractive prizes including cash prizes, unique offers, and valuable purchase vouchers.

Participating Shops Increased by 7%

Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director of Economic Relations and Marketing at the SCCI, stated that the series of advantages announced by the SCCI positively reflected in the increasing number of the participating retail shops by 7%, compared to the last year’s edition.

Al Jarwan further said: “This event is a perfect destination for all family members to enjoy their shopping and take advantage of the offered discounts, in particular, that Sharjah Summer Promotions comes in conjunction with family preparations for buying Eid Al Adha needs.”

Al Jarwan attributed the heavy turnout by visitors to the great competitive prices and exciting discounts offered by retail stores on various international brands. This chance is not available throughout the year, therefore, the families, tourists, and visitors are keen to make use of this unique opportunity for shopping.

The Director of SCCI’s Economic Relations shed light on the festival’s role in promoting the tourism in the Emirate of Sharjah with its various tourist attractions, through the recreational, artistic and cultural events that are organized throughout the festival days.

“Additionally, Sharjah Summer Promotions contributes to revitalizing the commercial movement in the Emirate of Sharjah, where the largest shopping centers and retail outlets offer their products at competitive prices and large discounts aimed at meeting the needs of shopping and entertainment. This consolidates Sharjah’s position as a favored global destination for family tourism and shopping,” Al Jarwan noted.

Presenting the Festival in its Best Image

Aml Al-Hosni, Vice Chairman of the Media Committee of the festival, explained that the SCCI is keen every year to present the events and activities of Sharjah Summer Promotion in the best image, through the launch of widespread advertising, promotional and marketing campaigns, in accordance with a defined strategic plan.

These included road ads in different parts and cities of the Emirate, as well as cooperation with various local and official media and dissemination of press releases on television and radio.

This contributes to introducing and promoting the various activities of the festival, as well as highlighting its importance and role in activating the economic movement and supporting development in the Emirate of Sharjah in particular and the country in general.

Al-Hosni pointed out that this year's promotional media campaign witnessed a new event by launching a contest for visitors to the festival through the SCCI’s social networking sites. This included raffle draws and daily prizes for winners.

The contest comes within the framework of the SCCI’s focus on promoting the campaign through social networking sites to reach the largest segment of the resident families and visitors of the Emirate in order to showcase the new events and landmarks in Sharjah.

In addition to promoting the deals and discounts offered by the shopping centers in order to create a positive competitive environment between shopping centers and retail shops to attract more shoppers from inside and outside the country.

Al-Hosni noted that the festival is not limited to shopping and entertainment, but extends to the wealth of knowledge and culture, where the emirate of Sharjah is one of the most important tourist and cultural attractions in the region because of its various landmarks.

Furthermore, visitors to Sharjah Summer Promotions are benefitting from this diversity of cultural and knowledge through a large number of museums and historical sites, as well as enjoying the rich cultural scene that Sharjah enjoys, which makes it a favored tourist destination for all.

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