Top Digital Marketing Myths Debunked

Monday 02 October 2017
Alexander Rauser

Please attribute to Alexander Rauser, CEO and Founder of Prototype.

From printed posters, television commercials and billboards, to Facebook ads, sponsored content on Instagram and YouTube ads; marketing mannerisms and processes have changed dramatically.

The popularity and demand of all-things-digital has paved new, instantaneous ways for marketers to spread the word about their brand. Social media marketing, SEO, influencer seeding and viral marketing are amongst the many types of digital marketing. But, like all things great, critique and doubt have shrouded potential and have misconstrued the wonders of digital advertising tactics and styles.

Alexander Rauser, Founder and CEO of digital solutions agency Prototype, eases digital marketing concerns by debunking top myths.

High traffic is good
Yes. High traffic is good as it indicates more leads and conversions. But the right traffic? Even better.

Digital marketing aims to deliver your brand to the right people. However, there is no point in having 5000 random visitors with only a handful of conversions. Digital marketing and targeted tactics serve purpose as the number of conversions is significant even if the number of visitors is comparatively low to other websites.

Social media is not ideal for B2B marketing
With social media being a people-friendly platform, it is easy to overlook the fact that behind businesses are groups of people who are connected on social media through one way or the other.

With it being a popular choice during down-time, businesses and their management may come across your brand and remember it with the help of digital marketing tactics. Furthermore, social media presents an opportunity to develop and personalize a brand which helps connect with businesses on a deeper level.

Digital measurement is always imprecise
Commonly heard, ‘it is impossible to calculate precise digital measurement’, is in fact a myth. Even though it requires dedicated investment, correctly deciphered results and conversions from digital platforms are a reality through the help of digital agencies or online programs.

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