MBLM Announces Its New Custom Dashboard for Detailing the Performance of 400 Top Performing Brands

Wednesday 12 June 2019
Dubai - MENA Herald:

MBLM, the Brand Intimacy Agency focused on strategy, design, creative and technology, today announced it is offering Custom Dashboards for brands included its annual Brand Intimacy Study, which is the largest study of brands based on emotions. Companies and individuals interested in detailed insights on one of the nearly 400 brands analyzed in the study will be provided extensive information in a comprehensive, dynamic format. The data dashboard will allow users to apply a series of filters to examine brand performance by geography, study year, gender, age and income. The dashboards also can provide comparisons of the brand to any included competitors or best-in-class performers.

“We are excited to launch our new Brand Intimacy Custom Dashboards, which extends the details and resources available to executives, marketers, students and analysts.” stated William Shintani, managing partner, MBLM. “This tool enables more in-depth investigation into the emotional performance of brands by exploring a number of variables, as well as comparing brands to others in the study.”

A custom dashboard provides users with data from MBLM’s 2017, 2018 and 2019 studies. It offers unlimited access to a dashboard for the brand purchased until the next year’s study launches on February 14, 2020. Available data ranges from Brand Intimacy performance metrics, usage and frequency insights to competitor head-to-heads, willingness to pay more, and time to form intimate connections. The subscription costs $250 per brand.

The Brand Intimacy 2017, 2018 and 2019 Studies contain the most comprehensive rankings of brands based on emotion, each analyzing the responses of at least 6,000 consumers and at least 54,000 brand evaluations across 15 industries in the U.S., Mexico and UAE. MBLM’s reports and interactive Data Dashboard, which features a brand ranking tool, showcase the performance of almost 400 brands, revealing the characteristics and intensity of the consumer bonds.

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