Gulf TV series, comedies lead on Google and Youtube this Ramadan

Sunday 04 June 2017

Dubai - MENA Herald: Google released on Sunday a collection of the most trending TV series and charities on Google during the first week of Ramadan. The data also includes a list of the most popular YouTube videos.

Gulf-produced shows “Romana” and “Kan fi Kul Zaman” led the list of most trending TV series on Google. As for YouTube, comedy led the list with prank show “Hani Haz Al Jabal” coming in at number one closely followed by “Shabab Al Bomb”, a Saudi comedy production.

As for charities, Noor Dubai and Dubai Cares were the two most trending charities on Google.

Below are the complete lists:

Most Trending TV Series on Google:
1. Romana
2. Kan Fi Kol Zaman
3. Al Hiba
4. Al Youm Al Aswad
5. Gharabeeb Sood
6. Dar Al Zain
7. Ramez Taht El Ard
8. Shaabiat Al-Cartoon
9. Bab Al Hara - Season 9
10. Shabab Al Bomb 6

Top Trending Charity Organizations on Google
1. Noor Dubai
2. Dubai Cares
3. Gulf for Good
4. Dar Al Ber Society
5. Takatof
6. Dubai Foundation for Women and Children
7. Zakat Fund
8. Al Qasimi Foundation
9. Al Maktoum Foundation
10. Khalifa Foundation

Top Trending Episodes on YouTube
1. Hani Haz Elgabal - Episode 2
2. Shabab Al Bomb 6 - Episode 2
3. The challenge of whispering in Ramadan - It’s OZX
4. Ramez Taht El Ard - With Shah Rukh Khan
5. The Saudi Reporters - Home or travel?
6. Shaabiat Al-Cartoon 12 - Episode 2
7. Kafr Delhab - Episode 1
8. Ala Ad Hal - Episode 1
9. Romana - Episode 1
10. Taim Show - Episode 1

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