Qatar Airways increases Salalah flights for popular Khareef Season

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Doha - MENA Herald: Qatar Airways has added an additional 10 flights per week from Doha to Salalah, Oman, to meet the demand of the popular Khareef season which runs from 1 June – 30 September 2016. During this period at total of 21 flights per week will be available for travel to Salalah.
Qatar Airways Vice President GCC, Levant, Iran, Iraq & Yemen, Mr. Ishfaq Jalal, said: “Salalah is the ideal getaway in the summer months. Its unique climate, especially during the cooler Khareef season, provides a welcome respite from the soaring heat the rest of the region experiences between June and September. The increasing popularity of Salalah has prompted us to meet our customers’ demands by increasing our flight frequency throughout the busy period, providing them with more options so that their travel experience is as smooth and convenient as possible.”
As the capital of Oman’s Dhofar region, Salalah is known as the Sultanate’s ‘Second City’. It is renowned for its annual monsoon season, known as the Khareef, which sees the desert landscape transform into lush green expanses from June to August each year. During this peak period, the number of visitors to Salalah triples in comparison to the rest of the year. An annual Khareef festival celebrates the rainy season and draws in thousands of visitors.
Salalah is famous for its unique characteristics, which include fruit plantations and banana groves, beaches lined with coconut palms, vibrant local culture with souqs and Omani handicrafts, and a myriad of archaeological sites demonstrating the Sultanate’s rich, prosperous history.
The city and its surroundings are a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure-seekers, with wadis, sinkholes and reefs to explore, and wild animals such as turtles, gazelles, elusive Arabian leopards and more to discover.
Following the Khareef season, Qatar Airways will maintain 14 flights a week to the popular Omani city.

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