Business Deals Sealed during AEEDC Dubai 2016 recorded 3 Billion Dollars

Saturday 06 February 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: AEEDC Dubai 2016 concluded after three days of business, scientific, and educational activities held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre with a consensus from all its visitors, participants, and speakers that AEEDC in its 20th edition has surpassed all expectations and witnessed a great success.

Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Executive Chairman of AEEDC Dubai Conference and Exhibition and the Global Scientific Dental Alliance stated: "The success of AEEDC Dubai in its 20th edition was extraordinary on all levels, and this with no doubt reflects the international prestigious level this event has reached too. In addition to that, it reflects the great efforts we have put for the development of the dental and medical sector especially in Dubai and United Arab Emirates. This year, AEEDC has attracted over 40,000 participants and visitors, coming from various countries around the world, and we expect more visitors and greater successes in the coming years."

Dr. Abdul Salam continued on saying: "The annual success that is being achieved by AEEDC Dubai conference and exhibition confirms that Dubai has become the focal point attracting international dental manufacturers and leading companies that are coming to market their products in the region. The business deals sealed during the three days of AEEDC Dubai recorded more than 3 billion dollars this year, which of course reflects the vibrancy of the market especially in the GCC. Gulf counties have paid more attention recently to the dental field and they have put large budgets for the buildup of specialized dental clinics, colleges and hospitals, which increased the demand for the latest dental equipment and devices. AEEDC Dubai exhibition has attracted a great number of doctors and dental clinicians as it forms a great opportunity to get introduced to the latest technologies, and it reflects the trust that companies and consumers have in AEEDC and in Dubai.”

Dr. Al Madani added: “Dubai has become a trade hub and ultimate location for hosting global meetings through its strong infrastructure, safe environment, and limitless facilities, and all these successes wouldn’t have been achieved without the guidance and support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai and His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and President of the Dubai Health Authority.”

In conclusion, Dr. Al Madani said: “there will be a 30% increase in exhibition space next year as there were many companies on the waiting list this year due to their late registration so we are planning to increase the space to accommodate all of them. We will focus also on continuous educational programs, preventive medicine, and research. We will also host four new international specialized conferences, bringing the number of conference halls to 12 halls next year. "

The last day of AEEDC Dubai conference has witnessed also the GCC Preventive Dentistry Press Conference that was presided by more than 11 heads of dental societies and representatives from the GCC Health Ministries who gathered to discuss the prevention programs and updates of dental diseases in all GCC countries.

Commenting about GCC Preventive Dentistry Press Conference, Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery, Scientific Consultant of the Executive Board of Council for the Health Ministers of the GCC States said: “Through this meeting, we have discussed the main achievements that were made by each member of the committee in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, and Sultanate of Oman in relation to the improvement of oral health, reducing tooth decay, gum diseases and bleeding especially for children. There is a program in place now in most countries that relates the nutritional status to oral and dental diseases, as well as a program to take care of the teeth of pregnant women during pregnancy.”

Prof. Abdullah Al Shammery commented about AEEDC in its 20th anniversary saying: “We supported AEEDC Dubai since its inception due to the important role it plays through its

conferences and scientific activities that raise awareness about oral and dental diseases and the ways to reduce them. This edition is with no doubt the most successful and it just resembles the continuity of AEEDC’s success story being the biggest gathering of doctors and dental specialists. We are sure that AEEDC Dubai is capable in the near future to become the largest dental event in the world.”

AEEDC Dubai conference has hosted also this year a new Dental Education Session under the theme “Dental School Obligation vs. Motivation”. Commenting about it, Dr. Mohammed Abedin, AEEDC Scientific Vice Chairman said: “Education in general and particularly when it relates to health needs to be a process of motivation. Throughout history, we have seen that a rigid way of presenting and demanding has had prevalence, this is why this theme was chosen to open educators eyes to this simple fact and maybe change the ways of teaching with time.”

A ceremony was held in conclusion of AEEDC Dubai for the distribution of the following awards: AEEDC Young Researcher Award went to Dr. Syed Muhammad Ali, AEEDC Best Speaker Award to Dr. Angelo Putignano, AEEDC Best Clinical Photo Award went to Dr.Ahmed Al Taweel, AEEDC Excellence in Clinical Product Award went to Dentsply Limited , Best AEEDC Dubai Booth Design Award for CEFLA, and Best AEEDC Dubai Booth Activities Award for Dentsply Limited.

The UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai 2016) is organized yearly by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions a member of INDEX Holding, and it is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Minister of Finance and President of the Dubai Health Authority.

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