AVIVO Group eyes expansion in GCC and North Africa

Sunday 03 March 2019
Dr. Dilshaad Ali CEO Avivo Group
Dubai - MENA Herald:

AVIVO Group, one of the fastest growing healthcare service providers in the GCC, is planning to expand its presence in the Gulf countries and North Africa amid growing opportunities and strong demand for healthcare services in these countries, its Chief Executive Officer Dr. Dilshaad Ali told reporters during a media roundtable recently.

The Group includes 2 highly reputed hospitals, 29 clinics including 10 high-end dental centres attached with sophisticated dental labs, 6 pharmacies, 6 distribution centres, 2 training centres and 2 state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities across the UAE.

The Group already has a strong presence in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Kuwait, but it is still open to expanding in the region in months to come, Dr. Ali said.

“We are always on the growth path and keep looking to expand. We see the Middle East itself is growing, so our geographical expansion looks at Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman to a large extent and also looking into North Africa for the existing facilities and other new opportunities that come our way,” Dr. Ali said.

He added that Avivo Group is also in discussion on some private-public partnerships in some countries.

The Group is also expanding its speciality line, which will include neuro-spinal, anti-ageing and some other key areas such as urology, advanced gastroenterology, etc.

Dr Dilshaad said the growth would come from hospital segment of the healthcare delivery system as the current state of the platform will have a robust referral network to fill-up future in-patient occupancies.

“We have launched a Centre of Excellence in Plastic Surgery run by resident and visiting doctors from the USA and Europe. We also have plans to launch a global Rhinoplasty Centre of Excellence soon comprising with five best nose surgeons from around the world,” Dr Ali said.

“We have segmented our assets into low-end and mid-to-high end clinics. Some of our clinics are currently being transformed into speciality clinics offering surgical services that will help us in increasing our revenue base significantly,” he added.

Avivo Group has recently launched easy payment plan in the UAE with zero per cent interest rate in a bid to provide easy access to care for those who are not able to meet their medical expenses for numerous treatments that are not covered under health insurance.

Dr Dilshaad said the private sector has to play a major role in strengthening the local healthcare industry as the government can’t take the responsibility alone amid rising demand from the growing communities in the country.

“Encouraging private sector investment in the region, the government should build the confidence to invest and bring the latest technologies to the local population. The current efforts of the Dubai government to promote medical tourism is an excellent initiative to enhance the healthcare infrastructure and improve the quality of delivery to reach global standards,” he said.

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