Sharjah Tatweer Forum partners with Sharjah Leadership Program to develop smart city initiatives

Sunday 17 July 2016
Jassem Albloushi, Chairman, STF

Sharjah - MENA Herald: The implementation of smart city initiatives across the UAE is at its full capacity, with both the government and private sectors actively embarking on game-changing projects designed to catapult the country into one of the most modern states in today’s highly connected 21st century world. When one speaks of smart city, it normally refers to the integration of multiple information and communications technology (ICT) solutions in a bid to elevate the quality of life in local communities. Many domestic leading organizations have already taken strategic steps in this regard and one of which is Sharjah Tatweer Forum (STF), a community of young people seeking not only to empower themselves but also to further the sustainable development of Sharjah and the rest of the UAE.

Through Sharjah Leadership Program (SLP), STF has announced that it will develop smart initiatives and present them to concerned parties in an effort to boost the emirate’s bid to transform into an advanced city. The initiatives will be designed based on the proposed projects submitted by select SLP participants.

Jassem Albloushi, Chairman, STF, said: “Smart city aims to improve quality of life by using technology to improve the efficiency of services and meet the needs of our people. By integrating ICT solutions into a wide range of daily human activities, we are in effect making things more efficient and sustainable. We have been witnessing these efforts in Sharjah’s transportation, health, and education sectors, among others. We are inspired at STF to substantially contribute to this significant endeavour by working closely with the young promising leaders at SLP – the result of which is a myriad of unique and innovative ideas. We look forward to strategically developing these ideas and presenting them to the concerned authorities to make a difference in the Sharjah Government’s smart city initiatives.”

The race to transform every emirate in the UAE into a smart city is gaining more ground, with key entities in Sharjah, including STF, have been actively taking part towards this end. Sharjah Leadership Program was launched with an aim to prepare the next generation of private and public sector leaders in line with international standards, as well as to increase their awareness on the UAE’s plans on innovation and transition into a knowledge-based economy. The programme also plans to bring various institutions up to speed with best practices in management and leadership mechanisms, as well as highlight Sharjah’s economic sectors and future plans. The programme will include visits to the United States, particularly California, where participants will take part in innovation conferences along with a number of visits to prestigious companies and research centres.

“It was inspiring to be able to contribute to such an important partnership. Suggesting ideas and projects that can help transform Sharjah and the rest of the country into a sustainable, modern society is a call for everyone to take part and share his ideas to realize this dream. We are happy that our proposals have measured up to STF’s objectives. Rest assured that we will remain committed to our collaboration as we move forward towards the implementation of our projects,” said Abdel Aziz Fikry, Projects Manager at Al Wasl Asset Management Group and an SLP participant.

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