Mai Dubai produces quality bottled water to world-class standards

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Dubai - MENA Herald: Mai Dubai, the bottled-drinking-water company and factory, announced that a report was being passed around regarding an Omani Ministry withdrawing from the Omani market a product that is called Aab’e Dubai, stating that it was produced in Dubai. Mai Dubai would like to clarify that this report does not relate to Mai Dubai and relates to Aab’e, which is produced in Ajman. Mai Dubai produces high-quality bottled-drinking water and the similarity in the names created some misunderstanding.
Mai Dubai uses the latest technologies and best global practices and quality standards in sterilisation and purification to produce bottled drinking water. The plant produces low-sodium drinking water that has a balanced range of minerals. It has already become a popular brand in the UAE within a short time.
Mai Dubai is an independent Limited Liability Company, ensuring that it adheres to the highest standards of quality. The plant is a quality-addition to bottled drinking water in Dubai. It uses the latest international technologies and the highest levels of quality according to the best local and international standards. Mai Dubai’s team is led by local and international industry veterans in the production and bottling of drinking water. The unique red colour in the corporate identity of Mai Dubai symbolises vigour, vividness, happiness and prosperity. The design of its bottles were inspired by Dubai’s modern architecture.
Commercial production started in March 2014. The factory has received FDA, HACCP, ISO22000 and Emirates Quality Mark (EQM) certifications. The factory has also received the FDA, HACCP, and ISO, in addition to winning two certificates in Q4 of 2014.
Mai Dubai won the Best Factory in Dubai in Food Safety by Dubai Municipality, with the highest A-Grade rating in 2015. Since April 2015, Mai Dubai has become the preferred bottled drinking water for all passengers on Emirates Airlines, and is now exporting its products to 13 countries in Asia, Europe, South Africa, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Libya. The factory produces small- and medium-size bottles of 1.5 litres, 500ml, 330ml and 200ml as well as five-gallon bottles (18.9 litres). It also produces cups in 2 sizes: 100ml and 200ml.
Mai Dubai is now available across the UAE, and has delivered over 263 million cups and bottles. Mai Dubai can produce 16 million units and will expand to 50 million by 2020, based on a planned additional investment of AED 600 million.

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